Leo Barry OET Letter Sample

Occupational English Test or OET is an English exam for healthcare professionals. Here at ielts-practice.org, we offer practice material for OET as well. Here is a sample OET letter. You can find the question here.

Dr. Michael Brown


Newbridge Hospital

56 Clayton Road,


August 19th, 2018

Dear Dr. Brown,

Re: Mr. Leo Barry, D.O.B. July 6th, 1974

I am writing to refer a 44-year-old male who has signs and symptoms indicative of liver cirrhosis which may be caused by his work and his lifestyle.  Your assessment and management of his condition by performing a liver biopsy and referring for MRI would be highly appreciated.

Today, Mr. Barry came here for a follow up examination after undergoing treatment for one week. He reportedly had no improvement of his fatigue. He had reduced his smoking and was trying to cut down on his drinking. His vital signs were unremarkable. His abnormal hepatic panel, CBC results and abnormal abdominal sonography all indicated the presence of liver damage. He could be suffering from compensated cirrhosis and requires further diagnostic tests.

Mr. Barry first visited my practice on August 12th, 2018 complaining of extreme tiredness and non-specific weakness for the last 2 months. He bruised easily. Upon examination, the positive findings were minimal abdominal tenderness on palpation and signs of ascites. His urinalysis demonstrated proteinuria. He was advised to eat healthy food, stop / quit smoking and attend alcohol support service. Blood tests and abdominal ultrasound were requested.

Mr. Barry had a phlebotomy in a Middle East country hospital. At that time, he had suffered from hepatitis C probably caused by a needle prick injury or body piercing. He was cured of the disease after completing a course of Peglylated interferon and ribavirin in 2015. He has a history of hepatitis A and B vaccination and a family history of hypertension and diabetes. It is noteworthy that he is a heavy smoker and drinks alcohol excessively.

If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,



This is a reasonably good letter and should get 400 points.

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