Nowadays There Is An Increase In The Number Of People With An Unhealthy Diet And Not Doing Enough Physical Exercises

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The number of people who follow an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle is on the rise. This can be attributed to the hectic lifestyle that most people lead these days. Creating health awareness and promoting work-life balance are the most effective ways to improve the situation.

Most people are busy these days. They do not have time to cook proper meals at home. For example, in most families now both spouses work and they often depend on packaged meals. Unfortunately, these meals are deficient in nutrition. They also contain various preservatives and additives that increase their taste and shelf life. The problem is that these chemicals are harmful to health. Long working hours also sap people of their energy and when they are back home at night, they do not have the inclination to work out. At home, people have access to various appliances that eliminate the need for physical labour. At office, people refuse to even walk to the next cubicle and instead use the intercom. They take the elevator instead of the stairs and use their vehicle to travel even short distances. Thus, excessive dependence on labour saving technology and busy schedules are the main reasons for the unhealthy eating and living habits of people.

Creating awareness about the harmful consequences of the sedentary lifestyle and dependence on junk food will go a long way in improving the situation. Many people are still unaware of the health consequences of an inactive lifestyle. Employers can encourage employees to get physically active by installing workout facilities in the office. In addition, the government should regulate working hours to ensure that people can find a balance between work and life. People also need to realize that they are what they eat. If they nourish their body with essential nutrients, they will get to live a long and productive life.  By contrast, if they are subsisting on junk food, they will discover the consequences before long.

To conclude / In conclusion, people are following an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle because they are tired after a long working day and do not have time to cook proper meals at home. Creating health awareness among people, promoting work-life balance and building more sports centres will improve the situation.

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