Nowadays, The Way People Interact With Each Other Has Changed Because Of Technology | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays the way people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make? Has this become a positive or negative development?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is true that in recent years, technology influenced a lot in the way people interact with each other. Face to face meetings turned into a FaceTime and WhatsApp group video calls; however, it is hard to say whether the positive aspects outweigh the negative aspects or vice versa.

On the positive side, new innovations in communication technology helped people to talk with their loved ones more easily than in the past. Nowadays, it has become cheaper and more hassle free to talk with anyone in the world from anywhere. This advancement helps people to maintain their relationships even when they are travelling or in the different countries. For example, in the current pandemic situation, many people are stuck in other countries due to lockdowns, but still they can easily interact with their family as well as they can maintain their business relationships by using virtual meeting applications.

On the negative side, people have started preferring video calls over face to face meetings. They have started avoiding travel to meet their family members or business partners; however, physical meetings are way better than virtual meetings, and it always gives you much more realistic feeling and better interaction with the ones you are meeting compared to virtual meetings.

In my opinion, new technological advancements removed all international and geographical barriers between people and enabled them to stay in constant touch; however, these innovations should be used only when they are necessary; whenever possible, people should go out and physically meet their loved ones; over use of technology might create many misunderstandings and it could also have negative impacts on relationships.

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  1. Rajinder Sandhu says:

    The mode of communication has changed with the evolution of technologies like the internet, video calling and remote collaboration tools. It has affected both personal and professional relationships by making their virtual interaction easy and almost real. In my opinion, this is a positive development because it has shorten the physical boundries and made collaboration much easier.
    Technology has affected numerous relationships. To start with, it has made long distance relationships between family members easier to manage with instant video calling services. Nowadays, many video platforms also support group calling where multiple family members living around the world can interact with eachother. A prime example of the success of new communication methods is that now people travel less frequently to their homes. Furthermore, advance communication technologies support collaboration among staff members of multinational companies working in different offices. Lastly, it also promotes online teaching and has improved the relationship between teacher and student in distance learning.
    This is a positive development because it allows people to work from anywhere and limit their travel. Earlier organizations need to spend a lot of money on the travelling of their staff members which can be eliminated using new communication technologies. Money saved by reducing travel can now be used in improving the quality of products. Additionally, they prevent the need of going to offices and promote work from home culture. For example, COVID-19 outbreak has prevented people to go to offices, however communication technologies like zoom, whatsapp call allowed them to work from home.
    In conclusion, communication technologies have improved our virtual interaction a lot and impacted many relationships. In my opinion, it has many advantages like effective collaboration, and increasing bonding between family members, hence it is a positive development.

  2. farhi says:

    Technology is flourishing by leaps and bounds and people have started interacting with each other through mobile phones. It has affected people and people lives severely and it has both positive and negative development and this essay shall discuss both the sides.

    These days consumption of a smart phone has surged and humans are on the phone 24/7 and online relationship taking place and offline friendship is abolished. There are many networking where individual registered and become acquaintance but unfortunately, they do not have even a second for their family when they need a favour and due to online friendship care and love has been abashed. In the previous years, there were no gadgets and affection between each other was there but now it is absence and people have distance and making affairs through Facebook or Instagram.

    I believe this has both positive and negative development. On the positive note, technology is essential and one should take utter advantage of it. For example, people can create a good network through Linkedin if anybody is in needs of job person can get it if they have a good network. Moreover, a person can contact their friends or family who lives in other Part of the world can be contacted.

    On the other hand, people are on phone and avoid communication with other persons who is beside them and they prefer to chat online rather offline and this is the biggest drawback country facing and this should be controlled.

    To recapitulate, technology is important but it depends on us how we taking the utter advantage and it is the responsibility of the parents to see their screen time and should make a limit.

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