Nowadays The Way People Interact With Each Other Has Changed Because Of Technology | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make? Has this become a positive or negative development?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In recent times, technology has changed the ways of communication among the people. This technical innovation led to the development of a new style of interaction between individuals and erased the boundaries across globe. In my opinion, this is beneficial for faster communication and to build a better society.

Most importantly the modern technology has opened many options for people to communicate in a better and a faster way. Because of this modernization, the traditional face to face interactions shifted to an advanced communication technology such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype. By using these applications, an individual can convey the message quickly and effectively in business as well as in personal life without any delay. Thus, these apps have made communication more efficient and pass the information across the globe within a fraction of seconds.

Another point to consider is that these hi-tech intercommunication techniques would be helpful for the social causes. An example to consider in this scenario is the fund-raising activity for the people affected by the Hudhud cyclone on Facebook. Due to this cyclone several people became homeless. Previously it was difficult to collect funds from people living in different areas, even though they were willing to donate. Due to the advancement of technology, now we can create a group cause along with internet banking option where people can donate online. Similarly, funds were raised for the above case and used to facilitate a rehabilitation center for the people affected by the Hudhud cyclone.

Finally, automation and technology has changed the patterns of interaction between the people in a positive way by building the newer applications to socialize. This modernization erased the boundaries by making the communication effective and provided different ways to connect people irrespective of distance

In conclusion, this new era of communication via tech apps is advantageous for both people and society. I think this suits the current world more appropriately, where everyone has to race against the time.

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4 Responses

  1. Shirina Samreen says:

    It is observed in the modern times that the interaction of people with each other has undergone drastic changes due to technology. This has adversely affected the relationships maintained by people. I believe that this is clearly a negative development owing to the damaging effects.

    Technology has created a virtual world around people and they started to believe in virtual relationships rather than real ones. Especially, the social networking sites have become a huge hit and people started to think that maintenance of virtual friends is much easier and involves less commitment. People believe that sharing photos, sending text messages and making phone calls is sufficient to satisfy relationship with family members living at a distance location. Youngsters get excited by the thought of having virtual friends around the world and ignore their real friends around the neighborhood and school. Consequently, the bonding with family and friends weakens thereby reducing the affection towards real relationships.

    A number of ill-effects upon relationships are associated with excessive usage of technology in life. Firstly, people no longer realize the importance of maintaining warmth in real relationships which creates an emotional distance. Secondly, they become self-centered and pay less attention to the problems in other’s life. Thirdly, it effects the upbringing of children as they grow up seeing their parents busy in their own world paying less attention to family welfare. Lastly, it causes extreme loneliness and broken relationships with the family in the long term.

    In conclusion, I feel that the technology has changed the perception of a relationship in human beings. It has negatively affected the harmony in relationships. So people should be intelligent enough to draw a line and do not allow technology to control their life.

  2. Sharry says:

    In the present scenario, the advancement in the level of communication amidst the people is touching the new heights. Over the years, with the continuous development in the technology led the style of interacting the people to a next level with the introduction of modern platforms between the people and try to fill the vacuum of communication through different channels such as Facebook, Skype and so on which results in replacing the traditional face to face communication effectively and made to pass the things within the fraction of seconds across the globe. I strongly believe that this is a very great approach to make the world connect globally.

    The boundaries of communication does not remain limited to interact the people only. However, it is also beneficial to help the affected and homeless people through natural cyclone by fund raising activities as it provides the platforms in the form of groups with providing the Internet banking options to donate as much as they can which was next to impossible to in the earlier period even though if people were Interested to donate some. Thus, Technology should be credited to join the people in such a way.

    The better we think the better we make has been proved by the advance technology by changing the pattern of connecting the people worldwide by producing various applications which makes the communication more convenient organized and faster due to which gaps are filling and people are coming close to each other and through the different roots of communication web at the larger scale regardless of long distance.

    In conclusion, I strongly pen down my views in the favor of technology who have made the things easier and changed the perception of the people to look upon the things and its a great advantage for the people to connect and suit them in a appropriate way where people are in the marathon to beat the time.

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