Nowadays, The Internet And Television Have Given Ordinary People A Chance To Become Famous | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays, the internet and television have given ordinary people a chance to become famous. Is this a positive or negative development?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is surprising how common people are becoming popular in no time, thanks to the internet and television. In my opinion, due to the sheer benefits it brings to humanity as a whole, this trend is largely a positive one despite minor misuse by some.

To start with, the entertainment industry is dominated by nepotism or by those who have money; thus the less privileged people do not get a chance to prove their talent. Due to this reason, the internet is a blessing for those who wish to achieve fame and showcase their hidden talents independently. For example, apps like Star Maker and TikTok which are especially designed to record videos have gained a lot of popularity and have also made people famous overnight.

However, some maniacs can exploit the media and get the fame. Their published contents and views can influence many uneducated and mentally-ill people to follow them. For instance, some channels on social media platform tend to inspire others to carry out acts of violence. They preach violence in the name of Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Sikhism and make the society unstable and prevent economic development.

To conclude, it can be said that the internet and television have provided numerous ways for showcasing talents to those individuals who do not have wealth or who are not from reputed families. Despite the fact that these channels could be misused by some miscreants, this trend should be considered as a good one due to the numerous benefits it brings. 

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    Nowadays, many people became a star overnight, thanks to the internet and social media platforms. By the use of technology, anyone can raise their voice without hesitation and rich out the millions. Thus, kind of services is useful for the whole humankind.

    In Erstwhile, the television and film industry gave the opportunities that have nepotism or else money power. Hence, ordinary talented artists were not able to achieve a platform for their skills. Due to this reason, the internet is blessings for extraordinary people who can upload their videos of their talent by making their profile. To cite an example, Tick tock and face book kind of an application which gives an opportunity to rich out many audiences and earned the popularity overnight.

    On the other hand, social media do not have any censor process by which they can monitor the whole activity. Many terrorist groups, for instance, run their preach violence in the name of the religions, in fact, these channels on social media tend to inspire others to carry out acts of violence. In this way, these can be turned out of negative influences and teenagers being trapped.

    After analyzing the above relevant reasons, it is hard to see that the internet and television have any negative drawback as it gives the opportunities to the people that came from low family background. In spite of good development in technology, we must have to form a board which measures the activity run in this kind of platform for the goodwill of our generation.

  2. Mahm.Youss says:

    Recently, it has been observed that social media applications and some TV channels have made many ordinary people famous without any effort. This indeed is a negative consequence of modern technology.

    To begin with, for a person to become famous in the past, he not only had to be talented in one field but also had to work hard to reach his goal. On the other hand, nowadays, many people become famous on Instagram or Youtube quickly and easily. To give a clear example, some people become role models to the youngsters by just being a blogger on one of the social media applications. For example, by creating an account on Instagram and start posting their personal photos on it. Obviously, they make no effort for that, they just take photos of their ordinary day to day life activities and then post them on their account which already has thousands of followers.

    Undoubtedly, this is a negative development due to several obvious reasons. Firstly, the society do not benefit from these people who become well-known on social media. Secondly, the majority of bloggers present fake lives on their photos or videos which, in turn, causes many of their followers to suffer from depression because they can not reach their star models’ standard of living. Likewise, TV series which show actors in a very high standard of living, can also affect the youngsters in the same way.

    In conclusion, giving ordinary people an easy chance to be famous has become a trend in our recent life. This of course has numerous negative impacts on both individuals and society.

  3. Dits says:

    It is irrefutable that,due to advanced technology,especially,owing to the influence of television media and internet,people are become well-known within a few seconds.Because of the benefits,which it provided on a large basis,it can be considered as a positive effect despite this platform is being abused by some people.

    To commence with,in this contemporary era,people are trying to become famous by hook and crook.If take entertainment industry as an example,it can be seen that,those who are wealthy,or high status in the society are only able to get opportunities to perform their abilities.In contrast,those who are gifted by birth sometimes unrecognised due to some circumstances.But nowadays,because of advancement in technology,many of the talented personalities become noticed by the society via social media such as Facebook and YouTube.This is really a bliss for them.The best instance is Mrs.Ranu Mondal,who was a railway station beggar in India ,has became a popular singer after the post of her viral song from the railway station in YouTube by someone.It has changed her life as a whole.Thanks to Internet.Moreover,there are some television programmes,which not only telecast programmes,but also aim to search for talented personalities.

    However,sad to say that,these platforms are being abused or misused by some human beings.Some individuals use this one to spread social evils,violence and religion.Mostly young generations are the victims,because of their vulenarability.As a result,children can become addict to those media’s and bloggs and commit crime.They believe them blindly.Inturn it creates problems in the society.

    To conclude,considering the numerous benefits which provided to the individual and society,it is really a blessing despite minor drawbacks.No doubt it is.

  4. Parvathy R says:

    In recent times, the internet and television enable people to become popular. In my opinion, giving a chance to become famous helps to find real talents and can inspire people which can be only seen as beneficial to the society

    Firstly, if people are getting a chance to become famous, it attracts more people to showcase their abilities and hidden potential. In other words, the competition increases in each field and hence the quality. Since internet are affordable to most of the families, everyone is given a chance to become popular irrespective of their economic background.

    Another point to consider is that the internet and television has made the world closer. Since people are getting attention from all over the world, their skills are never getting ignored. For instance, some hobbies like Photography and Art offers creative outlet. In other words, when people are getting noticed for their work, they need not have to set up office to wait for clients.

    Finally, famous people can exert enormous influence on the society. For example, people tend to consider celebrities as their role models and hence, can bring positive changes in the society. It is undeniable that a celebrity can lead people to work for the welfare of the society. They could take initiative to any welfare scheme which can attract more people to join them.

    In conclusion, as people like to be in limelight, more people are attracted to showcase their abilities through internet and television. This brings incredible benefits not only to individuals but also to the society.

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