Nowadays Some Old People Choose To Live In The Retirement Communities With Other People | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays some older people choose to live in the retirement communities with other people, rather than living with their adult children. Is it a positive or negative development?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Today populations in many nations such as Japan age rapidly. Where old people should spend their retirement life is a question of great significance not only for them but also for the entire society. Some prefer to live in a retirement center rather than their own home, and I believe that it is a positive trend.

As people get older, they are increasingly prone to a series of medical problems such as cardiovascular disease or cancer. Once they have developed these chronic diseases, they need to take drugs, have frequent medical check-ups and receive a specific treatment. While these necessities have become significant part of many seniors’ life, they present a challenge to many of them because healthcare requires a great deal of energy and time. If the elderly opt to live in retirement homes, they will be taken care of by health professionals so that their health will greatly improve.

Apart from receiving proper physical care in their twilight years, relocating to nursing homes is also favorable for the aged to maintain social connections. As people age, there may be situations wherein they feel lonely and depressed. Retirement communities make social activities a priority, making it easier to keep active as they age. By attending exercise classes, musical events, and featured programs, residents can find peers with whom they share the same interest and make friends with them. The busy activity calendar increases the level of social activity and provides entertaining ways for retired persons to socialize.

In conclusion, due to the professional care service and social bonds retirement homes offer, I think living in these institutions can be seen as a positive development because it makes one’s retirement life more enjoyable.

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