Nowadays, Pollution And Wastage Levels Are Increasing Rapidly | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays pollution and wastage levels are increasing rapidly. How does this affect ordinary people? What steps can be taken to overcome this problem.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

These days due to urbanization, the number of industries is multiplying with every passing day and hence the pollution and wastage levels have also increased. Initially this essay will explain the adverse effects on the common people due to the rise in contamination and wastage levels and after that it will discuss some possible solutions to overcome this problem.

To begin with, many individuals are facing physical health problems due to high pollution and wastage levels. Firstly, more people now use their own vehicle to commute there by increasing the traffic and pollution. For example, pedestrians, old aged people and children when exposed to this contaminated environment will not be able to inhale the pure natural air thereby becoming victims of lung cancer. Secondly, toxic industrial waste and non-biodegradable food packaging are not managed properly. They are dumped either in a water body or by the road side and this leads to the outbreak of diseases like flu, diarrhea etc.

However, these issues can be defeated by taking some potential measures. The government should educate people about the importance of maintaining cleanliness and the impact their actions have on the natural world. For example, the government of India has been trying to create awareness among its nationals by introducing the concept of Swach Bharat which discourages people from spitting or dumping waste on the road. After initiating this program, littering has reduced and people have also learned about the importance of maintaining their surroundings clean. Moreover, individuals should take it upon themselves to preserve natural resources by reducing their consumption and buying environment friendly products. To illustrate, people can opt for public transport or carpooling to reduce the pollution and use paper bags instead of plastic which do not cause harm to environment.

 To summarize, high levels of atmospheric pollution and garbage have very serious impact on the health of the society. The government should take urgent measures to create awareness and educate people regarding the importance of living in safety and healthy environment.

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