Nowadays People Tend To Change A Few Careers During Life | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays people tend to change a few careers during life. What are the reasons for this in your opinion? Do you think it is good for the society as a whole?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Unlike in the past, many people nowadays change their jobs frequently. The reasons for this practice also vary as different people have different needs and aspirations. I feel it reasonable to believe that swapping professions is meritorious for a community as a whole as it improves the financial stability of a society

The primary reason why individuals choose a career path different from the previous one is their need to find job satisfaction.  When people feel that their current job is boring and tiring, they may feel bad about their choice of career. Hence they would probably try to engage in a job that suits their true passion. Apart from that, financial constraints can also act as another reason for this. If an individual feels that they can no longer stick to their current job due to the meagre monetary benefits derived from it, they will change it for a more lucrative job. Hence, it is needless to emphasise that the reason for this scenario is varied as per people’s present situation.

Changing jobs for better career growth and satisfaction is beneficial for the society as a whole. Usually when individuals do this their career choice improves. It, indeed, enhances their productivity and enables them to progress economically. As a result of this, a financially stable society gets built. This this practice moreover develops the overall quality of a community. Since, people now have vocational knowledge in more than one field, they are likely to be worthier than a person having only a particular skill in hand. Therefore, in a community a multi-skilled person can contribute more in several domains. On account of this, it has both financial and non-financial benefits to society.

Suffice to say, having analysed the various reasons as well as the promising features of changing careers for a community, it appears to me that it is imperative for the overall development of a society and not just the financial situation of the individual. By changing jobs, people can acquire multiple skills, improve their financial standing and achieve better work life balance. Overall, it is beneficial for the society because wealthy and skilled people are an asset.

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