Nowadays, Online Shopping Is Replacing Physical Shopping In Stores | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays online shopping is replacing physical shopping in stores. Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, in your view?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Indeed, with the exponential penetration of internet in the society, online shopping has been gaining popularity among consumers. This development has discouraged customers from visiting brick and mortar stores for shopping. In my perspective, online shopping has made buyer’s life more convenient.

There are numerous advantages to electronic shopping. First and foremost, nowadays customers can buy whatever they need and whenever they need in just a single click. In the contemporary world, every individual is bound by umpteen professional and personal commitments and taking out time from hectic schedule is exceedingly intricated. For those buyers, internet shopping emerged as a boon. Now they can shop at their personal convenience. Moreover, internet shopping is not restricted to any region, state or country and therefore it benefits the customer by giving them a plethora of opportunities to choose their favourite local and global brands. In India, for example, buyers can now buy niche brands like D&G and Versace from their international online stores. Hence, it is evident that internet shopping has many fruitful merits for shoppers.

On the down side, there are some disadvantages to this development as it may lead to unemployment. The drastic drop in footfalls in the retail store has been pushing business into loss. To sustain the cut throat competition with online sellers, employers are downsizing, which, in turn increases the unemployment in the society. Also, when people buy online they cannot feel or touch the product. Consequently, it is possible for them to be misled by the images on online shopping sites.

In conclusion, although online shopping may increase the unemployment rate, in my opinion, its benefits like convenience and the opportunity to buy from international brands outweigh the disadvantages.

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  1. Vikas says:

    In this day and age, people prefer to shop online as compare to market. While online shopping has some disadvantages, I believe that it has more advantages.
    On the one hand, when more and more people are inclining towards online shopping, it has been affecting small shop owners drastically. As online platforms provide products at less price because they buy things in a huge quantity and receive more margins form retailers. That is why, shoppers in local markets are facing hardships to compete with online shopping and it is difficult for them to make both ends meet. Moreover, online shopping also leads to pollution, as numerous vehicles are required to delivery products at costumers’’ home. Also, online shopping sites provides the facility to return products free of cost, so costumers unnecessarily buy more things to try at their homes and then after choosing one of them, they return others. This is causes more pollution in the environment.
    On the other hand, I think online shopping makes our life more convenient in many ways. Firstly, it saves a lot of time to consumers as everything is just a click away. People do not have to go to shopping malls, as they can shop anything at anytime from different online portals available nowadays. Secondly, it has become so easy to compare products of different brands when we shop online. For example, if someone wants to buy a washing machine then he can compare all the specifications of the product on the online website and can choose the better suitable option which is not possible in physical shopping as we have to visit different shops. Finally, online shopping saves a lot of money because there are lots of offers that come every other day on websites like Amazon and Flipkart. These sites also provide discount on different payment methods which is a cherry on the cake for the costumers.
    In conclusion, although online shopping has some negative aspects, i reiterate that they are over compensated by the benefits it provides to costumers.

  2. Harsh says:

    In this day and age people tend to buy virtually everything from online shops instead of brick and mortar stores. While online shopping has some demerits, I believe that merits derived from this, which include saving time and time, comparison of prices and quality check, are more pronounced.
    On the one hand, there are several downsides to buying online. First and foremost, online stores lure customers by using various marketing strategies such as discount offers for limited period of time, buy 2 get 1 free and festival offers. Customers usually influence by these tactics and end up buying necessary products. Moreover, cyber crime is increasing because of increasing popularity of online shopping. People have to share valuable information such as account number and credit card number with shopping website, which makes hacking easy for internet terrorists. Hence, lack of security is the matter of concern while shopping online
    On the other hand, I believe that buying goods online has numerous upsides. Firstly, time and money can be saved as people neither have to waste their whole day by buy things from one shop to another nor they have to spend money on transportation to go to market. What they need to do is just choosing desirable products while sitting at home. Secondly, virtual buyers can get an idea about the quality of product easily by checking the reviews given by end users in the description of every product. Finally, customers can compare the price of products from different online applications. For example, sometimes one product on Flipkart is cheaper than Amazon and customers can buy accordingly.
    In conclusion, even though wastage of money on less required products and cyber crime are major pros of online shopping, I believe that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages as online shopping has huge potential.

  3. Farhi says:

    In recent years around the world people are moving ahead towards online shopping and this has become possible just because of the internet as it is flourishing by leaps and bounds. In my perspective there are numerous advantages which shall be discussed in the forthcoming paragraphs.

    Discussing the benefits of online shopping these days both men and women are working and are carrier oriented and they find offline stores headache so they prefer to shop quickly without wasting time they just search on internet and get it according to their requirements.Another excellent reason is options, online shopping provides options of different brands one can explore huge list of brands and thereby selection is being done. Also, offers are quite alluring which are not given by the stores but online shopping caters and people tend to incline more where they are getting benefit and that’s is through online shopping , thus online shopping are popular between all age groups.

    On other side, pros of visiting malls, primarily while doing online shopping one has to be in abeyance for package to delivery which shall not be possible in offline shopping. In addition person feel relaxed and calm if they go out for shopping. For example, survey conducted by oxford between females and adolescents and they profound to visit malls as they feel relaxed and stress free and find themselves energetic and motivated also they can grab other essentials in one go.

    To recapitulate, I opine by visiting malls or shopping centers one can have a good time but for working professionals it is a bit difficult to walk in just because of work so for them online shopping could be the excellent mode to purchases.

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