Nowadays More People Are Traveling To Other Countries | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays more people are traveling to other countries. Why is this happening? Is it a negative or positive development?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

There is no doubt that traveling has become an essential part of human life. This essay will discuss the main reasons why the popularity of traveling is increasing and its positive effects.

To begin with, traveling costs decreased significantly compared to the past decades. Also, traveling facilities have constantly been improving. This is because there are many traveling agencies and airlines which are offering tour packages. As a result of this competition the prices are more affordable. For example, to travel from Dubai to Tehran, there are various options such as Emirate, Iranian, or other international flights. If an airline wants to attract customers, they need to offer better prices and facilities. In addition, people across the globe are living a hectic life. Especially in modern cities where mostly both spouses work full time. Traveling helps people to break the monotony of life and rejuvenate themselves. For instance, many companies offer thirty days of annual leave to help their employees to take vacations and travel abroad.

Moreover, people who travel often have more self-confidence and better communications skills. This is because traveling abroad allows learning about different cultures and traditions. Nowadays, most cities are multicultural, and people with different nationalities and backgrounds live together, it is beneficial to know each other cultures to interact more effectively. Furthermore, people can learn the reality about other countries, if they travel and visit the country in person. To illustrate more, social media might not present the whole truth about the world. They often show some countries flawless and the others disastrous due to political reasons. However, traveling to those countries allows the individuals to comprehend the truth, rather than accepting the information that some untrustworthy media might try to feed them.

In conclusion, the lower cost of traveling is the primary reason for its popularity, and people consider it as one of the best methods of breaking the monotony of life. This change is beneficial because it allows people to learn about different cultures and the reality about other countries.

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