Nowadays, More Of Modern Technology Is Used In Entertainment Which May Lead People To Be Less Creative | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Leisure is a growing industry. Nowadays, more of modern technology is used in entertainment, which may lead people to be less creative. Do you agree or disagree? State your view with examples.

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

The entertainment industry is increasingly becoming popular around the world and usage of new technology in this field has changed it a lot. I do not agree with the argument that the use of technology will reduce the creativity of the people. I will prove my stand with valid arguments in this essay.

First and foremost, people are becoming more creative by applying technology in a leisure industry like cinema. They can put their ideas and imagination in movies through different software and devices. To illustrate, the famous Hollywood movie “Avtar” depicts the creative thinking of the writer which cannot be executed without the use of new technology. Hence, application of new types of software, web designing, and graphics helps us to become more creative and execute our creative ideas more efficiently.

In addition to this, theme parks, kids game zones, and art galleries are using different tech-related equipment and devices to enhance the creative ability of the youth. There are various art galleries which conduct digital painting events for visitors to showcase and discover their creative talent. Kids zones are converting games and sports into a digitalized form which otherwise required rare and expensive equipment. These games can be played on a computer desktop to learn and enhance creativity among children which was not possible before. According to research conducted by Harvard university due to the availability of technologically innovative games in various parks, children are now familiar with a lot more games than in the past. So, it helps to increase the learning and creative ability of children.

In conclusion, after analysing the situation it is not hard to see that application of technology in the leisure industry has enhanced the creativity and artistic ability among people around the world.  

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  1. Sanjay Singh says:

    Question: Nowadays, more of modern technology is used in entertainment, which may lead people to be less creative.
    Do you agree or disagree. State your view with examples.

    In 21st century, the technology has became so much advanced that artists are using it to improve the quality of their creation. This dependency of artists on technology is making them less innovative in their creation. On the basis of some instances, which I noticed in previous few years, it seems true to me. In next paragraphs, we will discuss few of those examples and at last but not the least, conclusion of this essay.

    The advancements of technology in several fields like medical science, computers, construction, etc, also impacted the entertainment industry, which majorily incorporates singing, dancing, acting, fashion, painting, music composition, embroidary, etc. Earlier, people of these fields were practicing these arts for many years to improve their skills. For example, singers used to do rehearsals many time before recording of any song. Similarly, dancers have to memorise all the steps and then, they were performing it in one attempt for final recording rather than performing in several parts and then merging them by using advanced softwares.

    In the last few decades, scenario of entertainment industry have been changed a lot because of new developments in technology. Now, any person can sing a song without any professional training. For instance, a famous Bollywood actor, Salman Khan, sang a song and that became very famous. This became possible because of a technology known as Tuner, which fixes all the tones and irregularities in a song. Similarly, there are technologies for other fields also, like artificial neural networks are capable to compose music as well as also competent in generating new fashion designs. Not only this, new video recording technology has the ability to record various dance steps in parts and then merge them to form a long and complicated dance show.

    This can be concluded that most of the complicated tasks of any art are now easily achievable with the help of technology, hence, artists losing some of the most critical skills of their art.

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