Nowadays More And More Old People Have To Compete With Young People For The Same Jobs | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays more and more old people have to compete with young people for the same jobs. What problems does this cause? What are some possible solutions?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

At present, the number of individuals who are competing with youngsters for the same opportunities has increased  / is increasing. This trend is reducing job options for the younger generation. In my opinion, this issue can be solved if colleges and universities prepare their students to compete with experienced employees.

The number of unemployed young people is increasing due to the fact that experienced individuals are taking their positions. When candidates with industry knowledge go through interviews, they demonstrate better solutions than freshers; therefore, organisations prefer them to newcomers. To illustrate this, in MNCs, grown-ups work on specific technologies, and this helps them to develop mastery over them. By contrast, fresh graduates only have academic knowledge of the subjects they learned at university and as such they cannot find concrete solutions to practical problems. This is why youngsters are losing their jobs because others have industry experience, and it becomes a huge problem for them.

On the other hand, this situation is not advantageous for old people either. Old people are experienced people. Hence, they should be earning good salaries. Now if they have to compete with young people, it shows their desperation. They can’t find jobs that match their experience. Of course, it will cause unemployment among young people. At the same, it will lead to the exploitation of old people because they will be forced to work for the smaller salaries offered to young people.

As for the viable solutions, setting a retirement age will help. People after a certain age should not be in the job market. However, this is not always a humane solution because if people are eager to work after 60 or 65, it probably shows their desperation rather than desire. So, exceptions should be made in their case. Also, seniors should always be paid salaries commensurate with experience. It is also important for governments to provide for seniors who are not in a position to fend for themselves. This will automatically discourage many of them from competing for job.

In conclusion, the aforementioned points make it evident that youngsters are losing their opportunities because experienced workers are competing with them. The most effective way to address the issue is to set a retirement age. The government also needs to launch special support schemes for seniors facing financial difficulties.

Band 8 IELTS essay sample 2

Nowadays more and more people have to compete with young people for the same jobs. What problems does this cause? What are some possible solutions?

At present, the number of individuals who compete with youngsters for the same opportunities is rising. It creates issues of mental stress for experienced people, and one possible solution to counter this problem is to encourage organizations to interview candidates of different age groups separately.

Aged people have more experience and perhaps higher chances of getting selected. This reduces the opportunities available to young people. This is one scenario especially in areas like teaching or consulting. Unemployment among young people can affect the development of a nation and even lead to social unrest. Another issue is that when seniors compete with youngsters, they will most probably have to take a pay cut. Young people can be hired for lower salaries and if seniors want the same jobs, they will have to work for lower remuneration. This can lead to their exploitation.

The most viable solution is to ensure that seniors are able to live comfortably after retirement. Most people do not want to work after they turn 60 or 65. So, if people above that age bracket are still applying for jobs, it is a clear indication that they are in dire financial straits. In this case, the government should step in to help. Another solution is to enforce age restrictions for most jobs. Only people of a certain age bracket should be allowed to compete for a certain job. In areas where experience matters, seniors should be given preference and in areas where knowledge of new technologies is more important, juniors should be preferred.

To conclude, the aforementioned points make it evident that the rising competition between youngsters and aged people does not really benefit either of them. It causes unemployment among young people and forces seniors to work for lower salaries. The government can discourage seniors from working by offering them financial assistance so that they can lead a comfortable retirement life.

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