Nowadays Many Young People Deliberately Damage Public Places

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Of late we have been hearing of several incidences where young people deliberately damage public spaces and property. This is mainly caused by a lack of awareness about the importance of maintaining these spaces and inadequate law enforcement. Several solutions can be implemented to protect public spaces from vandalism.

One of the major reasons why young people destroy public infrastructure is their lack of commitment towards society. Many youngsters believe that maintaining public infrastructure is the responsibility of the government. As they do not realize that they have a moral and social obligation to protect these spaces, they often indulge in activities that cause considerable damage to public property. Take, for instance, the case of some famous monuments. The authorities have put up several posters warning visitors against defacing these structures. Yet, youngsters are often caught writing on the walls. They scratch or scribble paintings and even love letters on the walls of famous monuments like Taj Mahal. These people simply do not realize the extent of damage they cause. Another reason for vandalism is the absence of law enforcement. Inadequate police patrolling allows young people to do whatever they want in public places. Even if they are caught, in most cases, it is possible to bribe the cops and get away.

There are several solutions to this problem. Stricter community policing is one of them. Police personnel cannot be everywhere. Hence, community members should come forward to volunteer and enlighten visitors about the importance of conserving monuments and other public places. Additionally, those caught damaging public areas should be given stringent penalties. Schools and parents also have an important role to play. They have the responsibility to teach young people about the importance of treating public property with utmost respect. In some countries, for instance, the school curriculum includes lessons on appropriate social behavior and moral responsibility. Those nations, therefore, report fewer cases of this kind.

To conclude, the inclination to damage public areas stems from a lack of awareness and commitment towards the society. This issue can be resolved only through stricter community policing and awareness campaigns.

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