Nowadays many young people are attracted to dangerous sports | Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays many young people are attracted to dangerous sports. What makes these activities so attractive? What measures should be taken to regulate such sports and minimize their risks?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

The craze for adventurous and thrilling sports is increasing day by day and attracting a lot of young people. Youngsters most often get attracted and try these sports without being aware of the dangers involved. To reduce the risk, sports agencies or the government can certainly take a few measures.

Youngsters are adventurous and courageous. They always love to try all the sports for the thrill and to gain experience without even thinking about the consequences. Social media is one of the reasons that get them attracted to these sports because teenagers usually take pictures while they participate in the adventurous sports and upload them to the internet to gain more likes and followers. In addition, adventurous sports need a lot of concentration, so they do not think of any other issues while participating in them and get relieved of stress. Therefore, they actively participate in the dangerous sports, so as to get that adrenaline rush of excitement and enjoyment.

In order to prevent the risks associated with these sports, a set of safety guidelines should be handed to all the participants beforehand. The organizing team should be well trained and certified to teach participants all the required skills to handle any difficult situation. The concerned team should accurately check the health condition of the people and the equipment to avoid mishaps. A rescue team must be available in case of any mishaps.

In conclusion, it is always fascinating for youngsters to participate in thrilling sports when they get a chance, but they should be physically fit and get proper training to reduce the risk factors.

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  1. Abhi says:

    Please find below my writing sample for free detailed analyses

    Risky sports and activities has become famous. Youths tend to take up all opportunities to try these sports. This essay will discuss about attraction towards such sports and steps to be taken to control any damage that can be caused in dangerous sports.

    there are several reasons for choosing such life threatening activities. The mail factor is that it works as stress buster for young people. In other words, it helps young generation to release stress as such activities develops a lot of excitement. Another point is, it provides them opportunity to showcase their courage. For example, boys and girls feel great to share stores about the dangerous activities and risky tasks they performed.

    We can control this in number of ways. The major step would be, to form a government body to monitor all such sports. For example. this body would administer and pay close attention to safety measures that are taken before initiating such activities. As well as this, setting a minimum age and height limit based upon risks involved. For example, young children below certain age and adults with less than required height should not be allowed to participate in risky sports. Lastly, government should impose taxes on such activities, in other words higher taxes would increase the amount required to carry out such sports and this will further reduce the number of young people trying to involve in such activities.

    In conclusion, dangerous sports are famous because they excite young generation and gives them chance to feel courageous but it can be controlled by government organizations, taxes and setting up age and height parameters.

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