Nowadays Many People Choose To Be Self-Employed | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Now-a-days many people choose to be self-employed, rather than work for a company. Why might this be the case? What could be the disadvantage of being self-employed?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Many individuals nowadays prefer to work for themselves rather than being employed in an organisation. The main reason behind this preference is the freedom which people get by working independently. Though there are advantages to working for oneself, the main disadvantage is that there is no guaranteed pay check at the end of the month.

The first and foremost reason that encourages people to opt for self employment is the liberty and freedom that comes along with it. That is to say, if an individual is working in an organisation then they will be bound by the rules and regulations of the company and probably have a boss to dictate terms to them. Some people do not like this concept and like to work according to their own ways. For instance, if an individual is employed in the army then he is bound by their rules and regulations. He would have to follow the dress code, meal plans as well as timings. Not everyone appreciates being bound by the rules that someone else has made.

The major disadvantage of being self employed is that it requires a great deal of self discipline to succeed. As the person is not dependent or answerable to anyone when working for himself, it becomes very easy to skip deadlines. Furthermore, on skipping deadlines or missing the set targets there will be no one to bear the consequences except he himself. Another downside is the lack of a stable income. It takes years for a self-employed person to establish themselves in their field and until then there is no guarantee that they will earn enough to make a living.

In conclusion, the need for liberty and freedom make people want to follow the path of self employment, but they may fail if they deviate from the set targets due to lack of discipline.

Essay Sample 2

Self-employment has become quite popular in recent times. Instead of working for a company, people choose to be self-employed because it gives them the freedom to work independently. However, the major downside of working for oneself is that there is no guaranteed salary at the end of the month. Also, a self-employed person is solely responsible for the success or failure of their enterprise. My essay will discuss the reasons for the popularity of self-employment and the associated disadvantages in the paragraphs below.

Individuals, especially young people are inclined towards launching their own startup rather than working as an employee for another organization. This is because working independently provides them the ability to think out of box and implement those ideas for their company’s development. Moreover, they do not have to receive and follow orders from their bosses. In addition, their opinions are not always valued in a company whereas when working alone they are free to work according to their wishes. 

However, there are two downsides / drawbacks to self-employment. Firstly, the monthly income is not fixed. A self-employed person’s earnings fluctuate throughout the year whereas someone working for a company has a guaranteed salary at the end of the month. Secondly, when a person is self-employed, they are their own boss and liable for the consequences of every action they take whether right or wrong. There is no one to share the blame for a wrong decision)

To sum up, on the one hand, a self-employed person enjoys the freedom to work on their own terms, but, on the other hand, this working freedom can lead to financial instability and excessive liability.

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17 Responses

  1. Jp says:

    In contemporary era majority of individuals prefer to do their business instead of choosing some sort of jobs.The major cause of this is sense of satisfaction that they received by independent work.Even though there are some advantages of self employment but lack of discipline is also a major concern in this type of work.

    To commence with, self employment tends to give satisfaction to people as they can work freely without under stress and burden.When anybody join a particular job then definitely he is not able to work independently because one has to live under distinct restrictions of boss such as timming,deadline etcetera which is not a issue in personal business.So,most of people choose to work by self.

    However,working independently cause lack of discipline because people can easily miss their deadlines and skipping crucial work which causes loss in business.In the case of self employment masses are not answerable to anyone so,they have to take all the consequences of loss on their shoulders.In addition to this, huge chunks of money I’d required to establish a business which is not a easy task for everyone but they will not sure about any profit or loss and sometimes they face numerous problems like debt trap and mental disorders.

    In conclusion,due to sense of satisfaction and liberty people choose self employment but may fail when they are unable to set disciplinary behavior.

  2. Darya Khan says:

    Over time, technological advancement and change in the modes of production, human behavioural patterns have altered dramatically. One of these changes in the behavioural patterns of a human being is the change in his working style. Previously, people used to work for firms, government organisations and big companies, but now this trend is changing. People like to work on their own, therefore, we see doctors have opened their clinics, lawyers have their law firms, computer engineers make could make money by making software at their own homes and mechanics et al have their workshops. Hence we experience that an overall concept of self-employment is on the rise.

    The question is what could be the possible reasons behind this emerging trend, is it the technological advancement, wages are not high enough, job security or time and discipline are reasons? In my opinion, all these mentioned reasons are important, but technological advancement and low wages are the most important reasons because of which people are drawn to work independently and to employ themselves. Secondly, governments are also supporting it, we have seen micro-finance banking has brought some radical and healthy changes in the economies of so many countries which give small loans to people to start up their businesses.

    The concept of self-employment is indeed on the rise but it does people don’t work for companies or governments anymore. There are plenty of companies which gives good salaries and other perks and privileges to their employees. In developing countries such as Pakistan and India, people tend to like government jobs, because they feel more secure in working for the government and big firms.

    As they say, nothing comes free, there are advantages and disadvantages attached to the idea of self-employment. One one side, it is good for a country’s economy to have the trend of self-employment going forward, in contrast, start-ups in the presence of big firms and companies are not that easy. In case of any loss in the business the individual would have to bear all the cost, but, if working for others the companies would have to bear it. A self employer has to take responsibility for every single aspect of the job, sometimes, being a human being it is not possible, while, working for others, one has to just concentrate on his job. A self employer enjoys a larger degree of freedom as compared to someone who works for a company.

    Last but not least, there are some good and bad aspects of the idea of self-employment. The trend of self-employment is on the rise because of the technological advancement and need for more profit.

  3. Parvathy R says:

    The last few years have witnessed a burgeoning growth in the number of people who prefer to be self-employed instead of working for a company. This is mainly because of the increased awareness about the starting up of an enterprise, desire to apply innovative ideas and assistance from the government. However, there are lots of detrimental effects on both the individual and society if people choose to work for themselves.
    There are several reasons for people taking a challenge of working for themselves. Firstly, people nowadays have more access to internet which helps in the acquisition of knowledge necessary to start a company or business by themselves. For example, people are encouraged to follow YouTube tutorial to make themselves more familiar about the trends and possibilities of starting a new enterprise. Secondly, people have more experience as well as exposure when compared to the past. Therefore, people are blessed with innovative ideas which is the inevitable quality of being self-employed. Finally, the government offers not only loan but also other training programs for people who wish to work for themselves. Thus, people are drawn to being self-employed than work for a company.
    On the other hand, there are several negative impact brought about by people showing less interest for a company. It is irrefutable that when people do not work for a company, the collective energy at office is lost. Moreover, huge companies require people with good ideas and attitude for their survival. For instance, a recent survey held at some multinational companies in California reveals that the number of employees with adequate skills has drastically reduced. Another point to consider is that people might end up in huge debt if they fail to manage their enterprise properly. In other words, people need to apply themselves hard which makes them difficult to wind down even after their working hours.
    To conclude, there are several reasons for people preferring to be self-employed. But, people will miss the collective energy at office and also need to take high risk while choosing to work for themselves.

  4. Siddhant Soni says:

    Freelancing is an emerging trend among many people around the world. Instead of finding jobs within the companies and organization, people are providing their own services to various businesses and thus, creating employment .The underlying issue to such practice might be to avoid working under pressure and do multitasking and to get lease of time on scheduling task performance. More or less, such services are becoming successful but they do have problems related with them. These issues and disadvantages will be discussed and analyzed further within the format.

    On the one hand, freelancing in continuously blooming sector in itself, instead of working for one company, self-employed workers can opt to take multiple task by providing their services to more then own organization, and moreover, generating more monetary benefits. In tandem to this they don’t have to performance such tasks under pressure of any senior. They can lease and assort time to each project and schedule their completion. Practicing such work ethics give them experience and skills to become a entrepreneur in future as well. Mentioning an example to support this, their is voice over-artist going by the name of Kate Quinn who is doing freelancing along with her personal jobs and earn in 6 figures.

    However, on the other hand, self-employed jobs do have disadvantages as well, since their routines are quite undecided, and often the take multiple task , indulging in such activities effort their social-work balance, they have to manage all the work according to their deadlines, and barely get time to spare for social circles. Moreover, their sleep RAM cycle is disturbed which might create underlying health issues in future and even hype up their aggressive behavior.

    In conclusion, freelancing is a emerging sector that one can become a part of rather then sticking to a single business venture. However, practicing it bring along certain problems that might be hard to handle.

  5. Elsy Brijit George says:

    In the contemporary world, many individuals prefer to start self ventures rather than being employed in an organization. Although this is mainly due to the freedom and the career development offered by self ventures, there are drawbacks to be considered.
    Firstly, self employment provides people a feeling of comfort and liberty, as they are not subjected to follow the rules and regulations offered by a particular institution. Thereby they can do their passionate job in whatever way they want and also can escape from the dictatorship in private sector. Secondly, people could develop their carer independently since they do not have to wait or work for getting a promotio in their working organization. Getting promoted to higher positions is sometimes biased by senior officers. For example, a survey on gender gap showed that male bosses usually interact with male employees and this gives men a huge career over women, leading to faster promotions and more pay.
    On the other hand, one problem of being self employed is lack of stable income, however, when people work a company, they have the assurance a fixed salary at the end of month. When individuals work for themselves, they have to concentrate more on their work to achieve a good profit to maintain their livelihood expenses which in turn creates an imbalance in their personal life. Another disadvantage is that for starting own business, people need a large capital income and it takes years to establish it as a successful one. Poor management and lack of experience can lead to failure and individuals will be affected financially. To illustrate, a start-up named Beepi was an online marketplace for used car selling and buying. Eventough they managed to get millions within four years, they shut down in 2017 just because of bad management and careless spending of money.
    In conclusion, the desire for freedom and successful development of career are main causes of this trend. However, following the path of self employment could put a person into financial crisis.

  6. parth says:

    In the contemporary world, its true that many people are taking up the option of being self-employed instead of working for an organisation.
    It is said that everything has its pros and its cons and being self employed does too, in this essay we will discuss both views of the notion.

    The first and foremost thing that appeals to people towards being self-employed is the freedom that comes with it because if a person is working for an organisation then that individual is bound by the rules and regulations and is supposed to do all the work assigned to him by the superior. The person can not change anything about the workplace even if they are not comfortable with it whereas, if an individual is self employed, he/she can make changes wherever they like.

    Furthermore, the biggest disadvantage of being self employed is the risk involved. According to me, entrepreneurs are the biggest risk takers because there is a fifty percent chance of both succeeding and failing. Another drawback is that it takes years for a newly found business to reach its break even point and to establish its name in the market while competing with so many competitors who have already established their brand.

    In conclusion, the desire of freedom and liberty attracts people to be self-employed. However, following this path and undertaking the risk involved can also put a person into stress and financial instability.

  7. robin says:

    The paradigm of working under an organization and following structured rules is shifting where peoples are choosing self-employment with freedom. Although, there are many drawbacks, but several reasons lie behind the situation to be dependent on own startup. This essay will analyze both issue and discuss the disadvantage of the self-employed.

    Our world is changing where new business idea or innovation accolades by everybody and several giant it company established from small startup business. This change attracts young generation to generate their own business idea. Another thing is nowadays people believes on individualism which refers own freedom, privacy, and less dependency on others. As a result, those who are fed-up towards traditional work environment and rule bindings of any company or organization, they easily determine their livelihood by starting own enterprise. Regarding, personal freedom a man who working under army, he/she have nothing to do with it.

    On the other hand, self-employment is challenging associated with several risk. First of all, the working hours is not figure able, sometimes entrepreneur need to work much without time bindings. Likewise, stable profit is not assumable until the biggest success. Secondly, self-employment requires hardship, determination, and consistency. Finally, business always fluctuate with profit and loss. Here, decision maker is the entrepreneur, who is solely responsible to fix business strategy whether the strategy will bring profit or loss. After all, being as self-employer need to compete with market and there’s no guaranteed success. All the success story of established entrepreneur might be fascinating, but a great sacrifice lies behind the success.

    To sum up, self-employment is a growing trend and not all are getting the desired success. But self-employment ensures personal freedom while working as employee under corporation or organization gives assurance of job security and monthly salary.

  8. Rain says:

    In recent times, self-employment is often preferred over working for a company or organisation. This essay will discuss the reasons for this phenomenon and the associated drawbacks.

    There are numerous advantages of self-employment. Many people value their freedom, which is often suppressed under the rules and regulations of a corporation. Running your own business allows for a flexible schedule, compared to the fixed working hours in a company. Moreover, self-employed people can work at home, enjoying the opportunity to spend precious time with their family. For instance, a father that is self-employed can assist his wife and take care of their newborn, significantly reducing the stress of his partner and building a healthy relationship with his child. This is hardly achieved working in an organisation, where lots of employees face the unpredictability of working overtime.

    Despite the tempting benefits of entrepreneurship, there are several disadvantages. First of all, working on your own requires discipline and organisation, which can be challenging to maintain. Furthermore, emotional and technical support is absent while facing the high risk of financial failure as an individual. For example, during the pandemic, lots of businesses are facing bankruptcy due to lockdown. Many entrepreneurs have to endure the economical obstacles on their own, making the task remarkably harder.

    In conclusion, the popularity of self-employment is progressively rising. This is due to its flexible schedule and freedom to focus on family. However, there can be some downsides such as the hardship of staying disciplined and lack of support.

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