Nowadays, Many People Choose To Be Self-employed | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays many people choose to be self-employed, rather than to work for a company or organisation. Why might this be the case? What could be the disadvantages of being self-employed?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Instead of working for a big company or an organization, many people prefer to be self-employed. There are many reasons why they prefer this; however, it comes with some disadvantages.

Today a lot of people choose to be self-employed because it gives them a sense of independence and dignity. There is no one to give orders and boss around which is quite common in a corporation as they are hell bent on meeting the targets set by their boards. Meanwhile, in a self-employed job, the targets can be more realistic and humane. Firstly, the working hours can be flexible and altered whenever required. This reduces the work stress and also permits the person to spend more quality time with their loved ones. Secondly, they can take holidays or a day off whenever they want which is the biggest incentive of being self-employed. Secondly, the profits increase as they do not have to share the revenue with anyone. Furthermore, the tax breaks for small businesses are very helpful.

Although being self-employed has its perks, there are quite a few drawbacks. Self-employed businesses are usually small or medium scale and sometimes they do not have insurance. This makes the business risky in case of an unforeseen event like a pandemic, natural calamity or market fluctuation. Unlike in a big company, there are very few people to help navigate through difficult situations, especially if some legal problems occur. Doing everything oneself can turn out to be challenging. For example, if a doctor runs his own hospital he will have to look after the day to day functioning of the hospital in addition to treating patients. This can not only be stressful for him but also compromise the quality of services he provides.  Furthermore, it becomes difficult to find well qualified staff due to the limited resources that the small businesses have. Lastly, one can miss out on an opportunity to work on a life changing project like sending a rocket to Mars as these projects are often taken up by big organizations.

To conclude, I feel that many people choose to be self-employed these days to have a better work life balance and enjoy more time with their family and friends. Though it can be quite rewarding, it definitely has some disadvantages and obstacles. 

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