Nowadays Many People Choose To Be Self Employed | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Now-a-days many people choose to be self-employed, rather than work for a company. Why might this be the case? What could be the disadvantage of being self-employed?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

An increasing number of youngsters choose to start their own business these days instead of working for other people. Moreover, a wide range of reputed and successful businessmen are also in-support of these young entrepreneurs and they help these young-ones financially. However, I believe this phenomenon has both merits and demerits and one has to very careful before taking such a decision.

There are many reasons behind the rise /increase in the number of start-up companies. To begin with, people face difficulty acquiring a job of their preference / liking in the highly competitive market. Individuals who want to work in an esteemed organization or a well paid job needs to possess high academic qualification degrees or years of work experience. Such requirements already disqualify a large section of job hunters. Next, a few people desire to become rich in shorter-period. To illustrate this, a business can earn a person a hefty sum of money overnight as all the profit goes to the pocket of the owner.

However, there are several drawbacks to this. To start with, there is no guarantee that a self employed person will earn enough to live a comfortable life. When people work for a company, they have the assurance of a guaranteed paycheck at the end of the month; however, when they work for themselves this guarantee is missing. Another disadvantage is that many self employed people work day and night and do not get time to spend with their family and friends. Thus, it creates an imbalance in their work and personal life. Moreover, a huge difference can be seen in their daily routine which affects their health adversely.

To recapitulate, working for oneself is definitely beneficial for young people because it enables them to work on their own terms; however, there are drawbacks such as the lack of a guaranteed paycheck that need to be considered before choosing to be an entrepreneur.

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Band 8 essay sample

Nowadays many people choose to be self-employed, rather than to work for a company or organisation.

Sample essay

These days, more and more people prefer to be self-employed rather than working as an employee. This could be due to the flexible nature of the job. However, being self employed can be disadvantageous as when people work for themselves, there is no assured paycheck at the end of the month. Also, self employed people will have to don many roles especially when they start out.

Many people, especially youths, prefer to be self-employed because it allows them to work on their own terms. When a person works for themselves, they can have flexible hours. If they do not feel like working on one day, they do not have to offer an explanation to anyone. Obviously, this arrangement ensures better work life balance. Another advantage of being self employed is that it is quite suitable for women with very young children. If they have to go out to work, they will have to find a support system for their children. If they work for themselves, they will have the option to work from home or take the baby to their workplace. In other words, working from home provides total freedom that people do not get when they work for a company. Another reason that prompts people to take this route is the opportunity to earn as much as they want. While people working for others have fixed salaries, there is no limit to what a self employed person can earn.

However, being self-employed is never easy. Unlike working for a company, there is no guaranteed salary transferred / credited to your bank account at the end of the month. Moreover if a self employed person hires people, they have the added burden of paying them on time. This can be stressful especially during the initial years when they cash flow is unlikely to be steady. Another disadvantage is that people working for themselves often have to wear many hats. This can be exhausting.

To conclude, self employment gives on an opportunity to manage their time, life and income. However, there are also some drawbacks such as instable income, and more challenges and risks. Therefore, one should weigh the merits and demerits) before choosing to be self-employed.

Now-a-days many people choose to be self-employed, rather than work for a company. Why might this be the case? – Band 8 essay sample 2

These days, more and more people are launching their own businesses rather than working for another company. This is mainly because self employment enables them to work flexible hours and have unlimited freedom. On the downside, there is no guaranteed income and a self-employed person often has to shoulder multiple responsibilities.

To start with, launching one’s own business has become quite easy now because of the internet. For example, nowadays, it does not require huge initial investment to launch a business online. People can manufacture products at home and sell them online. There is no need to set up a physical storefront or hire people. Another advantage is flexibility. If they are self employed, they can work at a time convenient to them. They do not need to worry about office hours and traffic. They can plan their family vacations at anytime they want as they do not need to worry about getting their leave application approved.

On the other hand, every business needs time to be successful. In the beginning, their income will be a lot lower than their previous salary. Actually, it might take them years to even break even. Also, small businesses have a tough time competing with large companies. Actually, in the event of an economic recession or a disaster like the Covid pandemic, small businesses are the first ones to shut shops. Another disadvantage is that when people are self employed, they have no fixed working hours. Actually, they could end up working 16 to 18 hours a day especially in the initial stages when they do not have anyone to work for them.

In conclusion, people are choosing the self-employment option because of easier set up and freedom. Even if it is true that they are unlikely to make a lot of money in the beginning, they can enjoy more freedom and better profit in the future. The main downside is that there is no guaranteed monthly income.

Nowadays many people choose to be self employed rather than work for a company – Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Many individuals nowadays prefer to work for themselves rather than being employed in an organisation. The main reason behind this preference is the freedom which people get by working independently. Though there are advantages to working for oneself, the main disadvantage is that there is no guaranteed pay check at the end of the month.

The first and foremost reason that encourages people to opt for self employment is the liberty and freedom that comes along with it. That is to say, if an individual is working in an organisation then they will be bound by the rules and regulations of the company and probably have a boss to dictate terms to them. Some people do not like this concept and like to work according to their own ways. For instance, if an individual is employed in the army then he is bound by their rules and regulations. He would have to follow the dress code, meal plans as well as timings. Not everyone appreciates being bound by the rules that someone else has made.

The major disadvantage of being self employed is that it requires a great deal of self discipline to succeed. As the person is not dependent or answerable to anyone when working for himself, it becomes very easy to skip deadlines. Furthermore, on skipping deadlines or missing the set targets there will be no one to bear the consequences except he himself. Another downside is the lack of a stable income. It takes years for a self-employed person to establish themselves in their field and until then there is no guarantee that they will earn enough to make a living.

In conclusion, the need for liberty and freedom make people want to follow the path of self employment, but they may fail if they deviate from the set targets due to lack of discipline.

Nowadays many people choose to be self employed rather than work for a company – Essay Sample 2

Self-employment has become quite popular in recent times. Instead of working for a company, people choose to be self-employed because it gives them the freedom to work independently. However, the major downside of working for oneself is that there is no guaranteed salary at the end of the month. Also, a self-employed person is solely responsible for the success or failure of their enterprise. My essay will discuss the reasons for the popularity of self-employment and the associated disadvantages in the paragraphs below.

Individuals, especially young people are inclined towards launching their own startup rather than working as an employee for another organization. This is because working independently provides them the ability to think out of box and implement those ideas for their company’s development. Moreover, they do not have to receive and follow orders from their bosses. In addition, their opinions are not always valued in a company whereas when working alone they are free to work according to their wishes. 

However, there are two downsides / drawbacks to self-employment. Firstly, the monthly income is not fixed. A self-employed person’s earnings fluctuate throughout the year whereas someone working for a company has a guaranteed salary at the end of the month. Secondly, when a person is self-employed, they are their own boss and liable for the consequences of every action they take whether right or wrong. There is no one to share the blame for a wrong decision)

To sum up, on the one hand, a self-employed person enjoys the freedom to work on their own terms, but, on the other hand, this working freedom can lead to financial instability and excessive liability.

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Now-a-days many people choose to be self-employed, rather than work for a company. Why might this be the case? – Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

These days the inclination to work for an organization has changed, and more and more people desire to be self-employed. In this essay, I will discuss some of the reasons behind this trend and highlight some of its drawbacks.

Firstly, one of the reasons many people opt to be self-employed is the opportunity to work flexible hours. This is because being self-employed gives more control over life. To further illustrate, if a person conducts their own business, they will become the boss of their enterprise and they do not have to work for a full-time job which has time restrictions. Secondly, being self-employed creates an opportunity to meet and interact with different people from around the world. For example, an individual in the international trading of goods communicates with people from other regions of the world. 

However, self-employment does present some of its negative sides, one of it being financial risk. This is a disadvantage because one might have to take a huge amount of bank loan to start their own business, and they must repay it under any circumstances. For instance, a person takes a bank loan to buy an office, its equipments, but if a financial crisis occurs in the market and their business collapses, they still have to pay back the loan amount. Moreover, running your own business involves payment of salaries, taxes and utility bills which could be overwhelming compared to a job which offers a guaranteed salary every month.

To conclude, it is certain that many people choose to be self-employed due to flexible work hours and the opportunity to connect to different people. But it does contain drawbacks such as financial insecurity and liabilities to pay for business services.

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20 Responses

  1. Mohammad Khan says:

    This is a tech epoch, where you can penetrate all kind of information, study materials, etc., and can up-skill yourself. Therefore, this breaks the old pattern and usher a new one. Amid all these technologies plenty of millionaires rises, this spur others to try their hands on entrepreneurship. Millennials and generation Z have spring surprises, the way they shine in such a short period of time is remarkable. Their sublime knowledge is paving way in making them a successful businessman.
    If we see our descend, they were learning from their wealthy experiences, and not blessed with the technologies at that time. Let’s have a glance on all generations, how they have fared in their time. Baby boomers and silent generations, majority of them were not blessed with the academic degrees, only a few handful people were pouring themselves in studying. Source of obtaining knowledge was restricted, this has shrunk the number of self-employed.
    Now many people are intrigued with the technologies, and they build a platform of knowledge, with that they can make a good career. If we went with the records of the ’80s or early ’90s and compared with the current data, we will witness more self-employed than before.
    To conclude, when you have understood your potential and got self-belief then no one can stop you. This generation is fearless and don’t afraid in doing experiments, irrespective of outcome they toss their luck, and reap a great reward. The World is witnessing more people doing business, and this will ascend only.

  2. alza says:

    In recent years we have seen a rapid rise in the number of people owning self ventures. Most people do not choose to work in a company; however, they prefer to be self-employed. This essay enumerates the reasons behind this phenomenon and lists the negative aspects of being self-employed.

    The main reason why people prefer being self-employed is, they get more monetary benefits if the business successfully establishes. Start-up companies are gaining widespread popularity among graduates. The trend these days is to initiate a start-up as soon as they pass out. Moreover, they consider this a matter of self-esteem. For instance, Government funding has also increased for small scale businesses. Hence, it aids people in availing loans and starts their own business. Eventually, if the company becomes popular, they earn more money and fame.

    There are a couple of disadvantages to this industry. Firstly, there could be a considerable financial loss if the company has a downfall. Entrepreneurs should be aware of how to tackle the crisis and handle the employees and customers. For example, people show suicidal behavior when going through a tragic loss of money. Moreover, they are not equipped to handle the situation appropriately. Secondly, due to the lack of experience, people could be cheated in the business. However, a person should be capable of differentiating people who can put the business in trouble.

    To recapitulate, the primary reason people choose to be self-employed is to earn more fame and money. Nonetheless, the detrimental effects such as financial loss, suicidal tendencies, and cheating should be taken care of while starting their own venture.

  3. Navodi Silva says:

    An increasing number of individuals have recently chosen to start their own business over being employed under an organization. This increasing trend could be due to two main reasons, namely, the advancement of technology and greater ability to work more independently. Furthermore, this essay will stress the possible drawbacks of these start-up businesses, which are high risk associated with the business and lack of other benefits provided by an employer.

    The main reason for this shift could be due to technological improvements that provide a plethora of new business concepts together with convenience to create a suitable home office environment. A recent study conducted in the UK has shown that more than 40% of the employees have left their current positions in corporates in order to start their own entities. Another key contributor to this change is, the ability to be more independent and work under your own initiatives rather than someone else’s instructions. For instance, Steve Jobs, the mastermind behind the multimillion Apple products has stated that moving from his last employer and taking the initiative to start his own business gave him a greater ability to think more independently and be more creative with his ideas. The above factors could be considered as contributors to this recent work shifting trend.

    When considering the plausible drawbacks of self-employment, one of the key factors is the high level of risk. As these individual entities are not yet established and face intense competition from the market there is a risk of failure associated with the business. A good illustration is, in Silicon Valley itself, more than 35% of new enterprises do not survive at least a year due to the competition in the market. In addition to this, there will be a reduction in the benefits provided to the employees compared to entrepreneurs. Added benefits such as insurance, welfare allowances, and company-sponsored training, both local and foreign will be reduced as may start-up businesses lack large amounts of funds like many companies. These can be identified as the negatives of self-employment.

    To conclude, self -employment is selected by many individuals recently over working under an employer. This change is due to technological developments and greater independence in work. This essay further discusses the cons of this practice, which are exposure to high risk and reduction in employee benifits which should be considered before choosing to start your own business.

  4. Priya says:

    At the present time more young people like to start their own business instead of work for other people. There are many elements behind this phenomenon activity which have both positive and negative impacts. My following paragraphs will elaborate upon same.

    To start with some reasons behind the rise in start-up companies. The first and foremost is many youths are not able to find a job as per their qualification because of cut throat competition in market.Instead of doing unsatisfying job, they prefer to work independently. Moreover, Government and big companies have also started to extend their financial support to entrepreneurship which have unique ideas.They help them to set up the business at initial stage with guidance and also they provide the land to build their offices. Not only this, but also running own business means one can work as per their convenience and the whole profit goes to owner’s account.These points encourage them to be self employed.

    However, there is always an opposite side of coin. there are some disadvantages of being self-employed.The huge financial risk is involved when a person choose to start a business and if it does not work as per his/her plan person can experience massive lose of money.The another demerits with this regards is tremendous work pressure. The whole responsibility of start up is on the shoulder of owner and they have to walk the extra miles for having smooth business and profit of their company. Hence, he/she has very less time to spend with their family.

    Agglomerating all the points discussed above, it can be concluded that self employment is inevitable as it bring new opportunities and new ideas of business in market but, at the same time its disadvantages cannot be overlooked.

  5. Kanza says:

    Men and women employed in full-time jobs should share the responsibilities of household chores. Do you agree or disagree? Share relevant personal experiences.
    There is an increase in the number of working men and women all over the world. Both the partners in every household are struggling for their better future. Full-time professionals are giving their quality time in order to improve the living standards. I totally agree with the statement that both the individuals should divide the duties of their household.
    Gender equality is really important for the growth of the society. Sometimes, it becomes necessary for the female to work outside for helping her husband financially. Wives usually works to share the household expenses which release the financial pressure of their husbands. Due to inflation and currency devaluation, it has become a necessity for both the partners to work in the job market.
    Forcing the working women to do all the household chores will negatively affects her mental and physical health. Women always appreciate when their men helps them in the household chores and share the responsibilities equally. To have good marital relationships, understanding between the partners are really important. It gives power to the children when they see their parents working together in every aspect of their lives.
    Sharing the household duties divides the burden between both the partners and things are done on time without any misunderstandings. It also results in greater love and affection between the partners as they are understanding the situation of each other.
    In conclusion, in order to succeed in both the personal and professional lives, it is important to have a good compatibility with your partner. Helping and understanding each other will nurture the relationship till every extent.

    • ielts practice says:

      Overall, this is a good essay. A common mistake I noticed in this essay is that you almost always used a singular verb with a plural subject. Avoid that mistake and you should get 7 for this.

      • Kanza says:

        thanks alot for helping.can u tell me an example from my essay regarding this mistake. i didnt get about it :”a singular verb with a plural subject” thanks again.

        • ielts practice says:

          Wives usually works (Should be wives usually work)
          will negatively affects (Should be will negatively affect)
          their men helps them (Should be their men help them)

          There are similar mistakes. Try to avoid them.

  6. Jemina says:

    In this modern era, individuals want to do their private business instead of working for other people. Therefore, I have discussed some reasons and some negative effects of having own industry.

  7. Vihan Mehta says:

    Irrefutably, in contemporary era due to digitalization number of people are choose to self-employed instead of employee of any organization. This essay would shed light on cause of this with it demerits with valid standpoints in forthcoming paragraph.

    To commence with, There are plethora of reason behind this trend. Firstly, government supports this trend by providing financial support for creating jobs, owing to which people are encourage to start their own businesses. Secondly, nowadays bank loans are easy to get with minimum mortgage. This aids the new entrepreneur for establish their company. Last but not least, internet make us connected, owing to which people are now do freelancing and provide their service to all around the world by just working on their computer. For instance, research of Oxford University, it is stated that, in India there is 15% people who are in tech domain are working freelance.

    Nevertheless, there are numerous demerits of being self-employed. First, there is no security in terms of income. To exemplify it, having fixed salary job is preferred by many people as its give self relaxation that every month they are going to get paid, whereas business man have no guarantee of income. What is next, entrepreneurship means having responsibility of everything, Owing to which people have to work more in order to get success.

    To conclude, This essay ten reiterate that everything has it own significance, nothing can be ignored. Although it has a number of disadvantages, there are many successful business man stories which can be manifested the reason behind this trend.

  8. BHAWNA says:

    In Today’s economy, there is a trend among people to work for self rather than to get employed by other’s company. Most of the generation prefers to do hard work for them as it satisfies their dream.

    Working in an organization can help in achieve your needs of a suitable life that is company can payoff well according to your profile and role. The sad part of working in an organization is one have to work according to company’s requirement. For example, if a company wants you to work on Saturday or Sunday, you must oblige this in spite of whether you have some other engagements with your family. This sometimes leads to dissatisfaction amongst employees. This can be the one reason of choosing self employment. There are some other issues also of being associated with other organization. For example, you could not be well paid as per your caliber that means it is possible that your organization pays you less instead of your hard work and other may get higher pay due to being in the top of managers list for some personal reason. Because of above issues, people today want to work for their own.

    Working for self can be satisfactory, however, of course there are some demerits attached to this. For having your own business you must have sufficient financial support or strong financial background. There are cases where people start their own business but later on due to financial constraint they have to shut their businesses. Also one must needs patience to get success in your doings as there are struggle in the initial period when you start your business.

    To conclude, definitely there are some issue with working for own but we cannot deny the fact that many of the young generation is so well determined and hard work that they prefer self employment.

  9. Dhwanil Trivedi says:

    There is a trend of working independently in these days. Lots of individuals nowdays prefer to work on their own inspite of being employee for any firm and organization. However, I believe this phenomenon has demerits and one has to be very precise before taking such decision.

    There are many reasons behind the increase of the start up companies or entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs find working independently more convenient and he does not have to worry about the timing and job attire. The cause behind the raise of independent workers can be the freedom of time and leaves. Individuals nowadays do not like to be in the pressure of boss or working under any person who is in higher position. One can earn hefty profit in business or in entrepreneurship which is not possible in employment.

    The disadvantage of working on own or doing business can be that that he have to face the risk of money. Moreover, he can not have steady income which he can have in job or by working for any firm. Another demerit can be that that if one who is working independently and when that person have to work in team or work in under boss, he will not be able to bear the pressure of his boss and he will be fail in coping up with other team members which might results in the lack of co-operation and communication skills.

    To recapitulate, being self employed and opening up own start up is absolutely beneficial for oneself. On the other hand, one can have lack of skills like co-operation, working under pressure and communication skills which he can gain by working for firm or doing job.

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