Nowadays It Is Common For People To Get Married And Have Children In Their Thirties

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It is true that there has been a rise in the number of people who get married and have babies in their mid 30s and beyond. In my opinion, this is a beneficial practice because at this age most parents are financially stable and emotionally mature to raise their children properly and ensure a better future for them.

Most men and women do not earn well during the initial phase of their career. Hence, if young people get married in their 20’s and start a family immediately afterwards, they are more likely to run into financial difficulties. As a result, they will not be able to provide the best healthcare or education to their babies. This inability can actually make them feel inadequate and even affect their emotional wellbeing. This, in turn, will seriously affect the upbringing they can provide to their children. If parents are unhappy about their life and finances, they will never be able to raise happy kids.

By contrast, most adults in their 30’s already have a well-paying job. They are also mature enough to nurture a family. Consequently, when people get married and have babies at this age, they are fully prepared to deal with the challenges that come along with parenthood. For example, they are able to not only send their children to the best schools but also deal with their temper tantrums more patiently. This may not be possible for a 20-something father or mother who barely earns enough to put food on the table. Obviously, when people marry in their 30’s it benefits them as well as their children.

To conclude, financial stability and emotional maturity are vital for being a good parent; since young people in their 20’s may lack one or both of them, I feel that waiting until they are in their 30’s to get married is a good idea.

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