Nowadays, Entertainers Get Paid More Than Politicians | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays, entertainers get paid more than politicians. What are the reasons for this? Is this a negative or positive development?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Undoubtedly, celebrities are famous amongst the masses. As a result, public figures like singers and actors earn considerably higher salaries than politicians.  This is because politics is not exactly a means of earning money. Rather, it is an opportunity to serve people. Hence, it is normal for politicians to earn less than entertainers who are professionals who generate a lot of money. In my opinion, this is a positive development.

Politicians cannot earn much because politics is not a profession. It is your way of serving the society by occupying democratically elected positions. Elected politicians are paid a decent salary and their duty is to use public funds appropriately for the welfare of the nation. It is not possible to pay them as much as celebrities because they do not generate revenue. Also, a politician represents people, so they cannot be ridiculously rich. In a country like India, there are lots of poor people. Their MP or MLA cannot be ridiculously rich. In addition, politicians are paid by the government and the government can only pay them what other government officials are also paid.

Celebrities, on the other hand, earn more because of their popularity. They can earn huge amounts of money by endorsing products. Successful actors or singers also generate a lot of money through the sale of tickets of their movies, concerts or albums. That is why they are paid more. A person’s salary will always be commensurate with the revenue you generate.

To conclude, politicians do not earn as much as entertainers because politics is not a money-making profession. Rather it is an opportunity to dedicate one’s life for the nation. Politicians who get elected to law making bodies do earn decent salaries, but they cannot earn as much as entertainers because their job is to make laws for the nation and they do not generate much revenue. In my opinion, this is not a bad development.

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