Nowadays Eating Habits Of People Around The World Are Changing, Causing Many Health Problems Including Obesity | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays eating habits of people around the world are changing, causing many health problems including obesity. Why do people tend to eat so badly? What can be done to improve their eating habits?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Since the last few decades people’s eating habits have been changing and causing serious health issues such as obesity. There are various of reasons behind it. This essay will discuss the main causes of this change and suggest some ways to reverse it.

To begin with, the competitive world forces people to dedicate most of their time to work and work-related matters. They are already working long hours and in their free time, they are busy acquiring new skills to stay relevant in their workplace. Hence, they do not have time to cook proper meals. Also, in many families now both spouses work leaving them with little time to prepare healthy meals at home. Another reason for the huge popularity of fast food is the influence of commercials. Fast food companies market them as healthy and yummy and gullible consumers fall into that trap. Unfortunately, regular consumption of fast food leads to various health problems.

In order to encourage people to cut down on their consumption of fast food, the government should increase the tax on it. Most people are cost conscious. Junk foods are way cheaper than healthy foods. For instance, a burger might cost half of the price of a salad bowl and is more filling. Therefore, people tend to eat cheaper products that help them feel full for a longer time rather than spending a fortune on fruits and vegetables, which are not even a main dish. To solve this issue, governments must apply heavy taxes on unhealthy and sugary products. If consumers find the prices of processed foods higher or equivalent to the costs of the healthy products, they are more likely to select the healthy option.

In conclusion, nowadays people are more likely to consume unhealthy food due to their busy lifestyle and living circumstances, and therefore they are facing a variety of health problems. However, by increasing the tax on fast food and making healthy food more affordable, governments can encourage people to eat right.

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