Now That Computers Are Used In Education, Some People Think Teachers Do Not Play Any Role In Education | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

The computer is widely used in education and some people think teachers do not play an important role in the classroom. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Invented less than a hundred years ago, computers are an indispensable part of the human life today and are used everywhere, even inside the classrooms. With the increasing popularity of the computers in the education, many people ponder if they will eventually replace the teachers in the classroom. In my opinion, this is very unlikely as teachers play a pivotal role in our lives and cannot be replaced.

Firstly, computers are man-made machines which can store a huge amount of knowledge. Despite this, they are not programmed to think creatively and cannot manage students from different cultural backgrounds. Teaching in a classroom requires individual attention and creativity as children have different caliber and pace at which they learn and absorb things. For instance, a child suffering from dyslexia will require special attention and care while studying and only a teacher can provide this.

Secondly, students can relate to and understand the situation better when a personal touch or examples are involved. Teachers fulfill this requirement by supporting the theoretical studies with the relevant examples about a scenario. In addition, teachers organize different class-room activities such as group discussions and debates to keep students engaged and make learning a fun and frolic experience. Moreover, a teacher can notice even a slight change in a student’s attitude and behaviour and rectify it with proper guidance. Without this kind of interaction and understanding, learning and teaching will be ineffective.

In conclusion, even though computers are a part of our daily routines teachers play an important role in shaping the lives of an individual by enlightening their paths and making them a better citizen and thus, the role played by teachers in education can’t be overlooked.

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4 Responses

  1. Rimsha says:

    The advancements in technology have revolutionized our life including the education system. Arguments have presisted as to whether computers have replaced the need of teachers at schools and colleges. It is disagreed and it will be shown by highlighting the role of the teacher in the life of a student.
    Primarily, the teachers instil social manners and public confidence in a person, as students spend their most of school and college time with their teachers. For instance, one study of Oxford University revealed that the students who study with the help of computers and other methods face difficulty in working with their colleagues in their professional life. Thus, it shows that teachers not only convey knowledge but also helps in learning societal manners, character development and they also boost their confidence. However, this kind of learning is not available in online education.
    In addition to this, teachers plan their teaching and course of study according to the pupils. When they have direct communication with the students, they are able to understand their needs and mental compatibility. For example, in high school my Mathematics teacher used to modify the the steps for certain questions which allowed us to solve them more quickly and easily, it is one of the reason I developed more interest inthis subject. Hence, live lessons provide more comprehensive and concept based study which aids student in learning and developing interest in their course.
    To conclude, it is clear from the plausible arguments on the importance of teacher that direct communication and moral support of a teacher cannot be replaced by computers. Hopefully, teachers will have the same place in our society in foreseeable future.

    • ielts practice says:

      This is close to band 7. Your content is good. Grammar needs improvement. Make sure that your verbs agree with the subjects – that means you need a plural verb with a plural subject and a singular verb with a singular subject.

  2. Shirina Samreen says:

    In recent times, the computer is being used widely in the delivery of knowledge. Due to this, some people believe that teachers no longer have any significant role in the process of imparting education. However, I disagree with this line of thinking as teachers play a crucial role in the process of learning despite the usage of computers in education.

    The technological advancements in the last few decades have paved the way for the widespread usage of computers in the education sector. Since the information about any topic is available at our finger tips through a computer, people started believing that the significance of a teacher is reduced. The underlying fact which has to be understood is that teachers role is inevitable in education owing to numerous reasons. Firstly, a computer can act as a teaching aid which facilitates the learning process but cannot replace a teacher. For example, the clarification about a concept can be provided only by a teacher and the teacher alone can ensure that the student understands the concept. Secondly, a teacher can involve the students in team based learning activities which helps them build their communication and inter-personal skills.

    Additionally, a teacher can provide attention to individual students since the intelligence level of different students varies largely. Furthermore, a computer cannot modify the way in which a concept is explained unlike a teacher who can dynamically adopt different styles of teaching based upon the feedback of students. In view of the above reasons, the role of a teacher in a classroom is of paramount importance.

    In conclusion, I feel that irrespective of the fact that computers have become omnipresent in the field of education, they cannot take the place of a teacher or diminish the role of a teacher in a classroom.

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