News Plays An Important Part Of People’s Lives | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

News plays an important part of most people’s lives. Why is news so important? Why is so much news dedicated to bad news? Should the news focus on good news instead?

Here is a band 7.5 IELTS essay on this topic written by one of our students. Need help with IELTS writing? Get your IELTS essays, letters and reports corrected by me.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

The newspapers and news channels play a prime role in people’s life.  This is mainly because information provided by print and visual media not only helps to create awareness but also enables people to adapt to the change.

Media mainly focuses on disseminating news that shocks or alerts people, and I believe it is crucial that the media continue to do so, as it helps the very purpose of this activity. This essay will mention reasons as to why people follow the news and also provide arguments on why media choose to focus on bad news over the good.

Media helps people educate themselves and also take measures to change the world they are surrounded by. Furthermore, it aids in making the right political decisions. For example, through news channels, people can learn about political leaders and their parties and hence, they can make the right choice while voting. To encapsulate, the common public highly rely on such mediums to learn, grow, and make responsible choices. However, because people tend to be more shocked and startled by unpleasant news, channels strive hard to deliver unpleasant or negative news. This practice also aids in increasing their coverage. Therefore, media usually indulges in providing news that can create a controversy.

To recapitulate, media is one the most pivotal parts of people’s lives as it assists them in moving forward in life with confidence. News agencies keep their eye on information that do not make one happy and I believe, media must concentrate on it as much as possible because bad news helps people learn and grow much more than news that brings happiness.

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