News Plays An Important Part In Most People’s lives | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

News plays an important part in most people’s lives. Why is news so important to people? Why is so much news dedicated to bad news? Should the news focus on good news instead?

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Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

News enables us to stay updated about the latest happenings around us and that is why it is so important to people all over the world. This essay discusses why media houses give undue coverage to bad news and why it is important for them to shift their attention to good news. 

News keeps everyone updated on what is going on nearby and across the world. Hence people follow the news closely in order to keep themselves up to date of the new intentions and matters. News has also become important these days as it keeps us alerted. People know the kind of crimes that are happening in their surrounding and this helps them exercise extreme caution.

These days many news channels aim to center their shows on bad news. This gives them multiple points to discuss which will increase their screen time on the TV. They have more content to debate and more material to air on their news channel. Sometimes these negative stories prove to be a source of entertainment to their audience. For example, there are many shows such as Crime Patrol which are meant to make the public cautious and safe. They became popular because of their thrilling plots high on action and suspense.

However, I believe good news should be broadcasted more as it brings the society closer. Good news cheers the mood of many people and makes them feel better. It also brings a lot of positivity to many sections of the society.

In conclusion, this essay discussed why news plays a pivotal role in people’s life. It has also explained why news channels target only negative sides and why good news should be given more coverage as it creates a sense of happiness among people.

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