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According to some people, museums should only display local and national works of art while others insist that they should showcase artifacts from all over the world. In my opinion, museums are places to preserve and showcase art and equal importance should be given to artworks from all over the world.

Before showcasing a piece of artwork, a museum does not have to see whether it is of national or international origin. People visit museums with the sole objective of discovering inspiring pieces of work and they are unlikely to have special preference for works of any particular country. Instead, most visitors want to see works from all countries displayed in a museum as it makes a visit worth their time and money. Of course, museums should have dedicated sections for national art. Otherwise, many of these art forms run the risk of getting lost.

Even in this age of the internet, a museum is still the best source of information on arts, culture and history. Visiting a museum gives people an opportunity to see objects of historical importance or exceptional beauty in person. This experience is totally different from seeing the images of these objects online. The main reason to display foreign art is to provide local people an opportunity to see them. Not everyone can travel to Paris or London or Amsterdam. If works of all nations are displayed in a museum, everyone gets an opportunity to admire them. Also, this fosters better understanding among nations. It also attracts more tourists.

In short, the main objective of museum should be conserving and promoting art and culture regardless of whether it originated in their own country or elsewhere. Hence, I believe that museums should display artworks from all over the world.

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