Museums And Historical Sites Are Mostly Visited By Foreign Tourists | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Many museums and historical sites are mostly visited by foreign tourists, but not local people. Why do you think it happens? What can be done to attract local visitors to these sites?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It has been observed that foreign tourists visiting museums and historical site outnumber local people. Sidelining of locals by authorities during promotional activities of these places and collection of high entrance fee meant for foreign tourists being collected from local people are two of the many reasons causing this. Multiple solutions can be implemented to draw local travelers to these sites.

If we visit any museum or an ancient site in any part of the world, we will seldom find locals tourists. The major source of revenue for such places is the entrance fees collected from visitors. The charges for foreign visitors are generally high as the authorities know that they will pay such a high price to visit the monument as they have travelled specifically for that. However, the majority of the local people will not be able to afford such a high price, which in turn discourages them from visiting these places. Unaffordable entrance fee gives an impression to the local crowd that the authorities are only interested in attracting foreign tourists. To add to that local government bodies seldom include local community during promotional events of these places; most of the time celebrities or eminent public personalities are involved. This makes local people feel alienated, which in turn reduces their interest in frequenting these places.

Firstly, it should be mandatory to have a separate fee structure for foreign and local tourists. This would make it more affordable for the local tourists to visit historical sites. Secondly, authorities should involve local people more often in promotional activities. This would make them feel involved and important and help create more awareness among the local people about the place. Local people while traveling around the globe can act as evangelists and spread word about museums and historical sites place far and wide.

In conclusion, keeping reasonable entrance fees for local people and involving them in events related to museums and historical sites will help in increasing the number of local tourists visiting such places.

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