Museums And Art Galleries Should Concentrate On Local Works Of Arts | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Museums and art galleries should concentrate on local works of art, and not show the culture or artworks from other countries. To what extent you agree or disagree?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

It is argued that museums and art galleries should only showcase the art works of the host country. I completely disagree with this opinion because in my opinion art is a medium to express thoughts and ideas and it cannot be confined to geographical boundaries.

I believe art is pure in its form and it is a medium to express our ideas and thoughts freely. An artist does not draw a painting by limiting himself to the locality of his origin. He simply pours his expressions and feelings on a piece of paper with different shades of color. These shades and sketches depict the painter’s vision of history, or reality. Such a masterpiece should not be restricted only to local origins; rather, it should be showcased in front of a global audience.

Moreover, when we allow arts and sculptures from a foreign country we are connecting the nations all over the worlds. Each culture has something new to teach. For example, in one of the child museums in India, there are paintings of small children dressed as Zombies. These paintings depict the Halloween festival which is very famous among children in America. Children in India are delighted to know about such festival. Similarly, we have Madame Tussads, a popular celebrity museum in England. The museum hosts wax statues of several famous personalities of all over the world. For example, it hosts the statue of Mahatma Gandhi describing the work he did for achieving India’s independence.

To conclude, museums and art galleries should not be restricted only to local origins and should depict the cultures and artworks of other countries too. This not only helps in buildings relations with other countries but also teaches people to respect and appreciate other cultures.

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