Most People Send Text Messages Rather Than Calling | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Most of the people send text messages rather than calling. Explain the reasons for it. Do you think sending text message is an advantage or disadvantage?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, sending a text message has become more popular than making a phone call.  There are numerous reasons available to justify this statement. In my opinion, there are a lot more advantages than disadvantages to the practice of sending text messages.

One good reason for people to send text messages to others is that they are cost efficient. A text message is much cheaper than a voice call. Almost every telecom company is offering free services for messaging applications. Secondly, texting is considered ‘cool’.  For instance, a survey taken by a university reveals that almost 70% of the young generation prefer to use Whatsapp messenger to text their friends rather than using a voice call to speak. According to young people, using a messaging application like Whatsapp or Wechat is trendier than using a voice call application.

As for the advantages, texting is a quick and efficient way to convey information. Also, a text message is much less intrusive than a voice call. It gives the recipient to take their own time to reply whereas when you make a call, you could cause inconvenience to the other person by calling at the wrong time. However, when you leave a text message, the other party is not disturbed and they can decide whether they want to reply or not. Another advantage of texting is that it is very convenient. There are certain environments which are unsuitable for making voice calls. For example, you can’t make a voice call from a highly noisy or very quiet environment.

In conclusion, the practice of sending text messages certainly has a few disadvantages. For example, we may not get an instant reply. Even so, texting has many advantages over voice calling because it is cheaper, less intrusive and more convenient.

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6 Responses

  1. pharmacist says:

    Nowadays, a growing proportion of people prefer to send text message instead of making phone calls. There could be some apparent reasons behind it and I believe that there are more benefits than drawbacks to the practice of sending text messages.

    There are some good explanation to the use of text messages rather than phone calls. On top of it, text messages are more convenient. by swiping up your screen you can send message to your friend easily. Morever, it is less time-consuming. It takes only a few seconds writing a message while making a proper phone call can not be less than a minute.At last but not least, people are shying away from making phone calls. Having a conversation on the phone, will put people in a hard and stressful situation which may lead to unsatisfactory resaults. An example is when a office worker wants to contact with his boss, he is much more comfortable by sending message because there would be more time to think and respond.

    In my opinion sending text message is a beneficial trend. It is the best way to communicate when a face-to-face communication or phone call conversation is not possible. for example, in libraries, your ringing cellphone could be annoying, so you can quietly tex instead of leaving the place. Furthermore, text message is a retrievable transcript of the conversation. Although short details tend to slip away from our memory, we can keep them in our inbox and use them as a reminder whenever is needed.

    in conclusion, people tend to send text messages because they are not only more convenient but also more time-saving.In addition, they are a way for escaping the stress of phone calls. They also have great benefits to people in terms of keeping records and being a way to communicate in inappropriate situations.

  2. harjit says:

    It is undeniable that both calling and text messages make communication easier for people as compare to the past and it also come into the lime light that significant number of people are prefering to communicate through text messages over calling. Here, In this essay I will explain the reasons of this selected option and I assume that it has more advantage than disadvantage.

    First of all, the formost reason of choosing this option is that it is convenient for both sender and receiver. Sender can send text on their free time and receiver can read text on their convenient time. Secondly. Cost of sending text is less than calling because with every recharge unlimited text messages facility comes free and people are getting benefits of this facility.

    In terms of the advantages, the biggest benefit is that it improves writing and reading ability of people. When people send and read texts, they learn about new words, grammatical structure that helps to learn a new language quickly and effeciently such as english. For example,every IELTS instructor advice to his students to do converse with their near and dear ones through texting. Another advantage is for those who feel shy to talk .These people can easily express their thoughts and feelings through messages.Moreover, where calling is not possible , we can send text easily. This saves time. However, its main disadvantage is that receiver can miss the important text to read due to insufficent time or lots of messages and create problems if text mistakenly send on wrong number.
    In the conclusion, There is no doubt about the benefits of doing conversation through text messages and because of its convenience it is becoming first choice of people.


    it is irrefutable that because of the advances in technology and owing to fast-paced modern life, people believe to talk via text messaging rather than chit-chat on a phone. This essay will examine the reasons for this and explain why this can have both merits and demerits.

    There are several reasons why people prefer to do conversation via sending messages regardless of phone talking. The important reason is that people have not enough time to get rid of their stressful work to talk with someone on the phone to express their feelings to their beloved person. Therefore, unfortunately, the situation demands them to choose other possible ways to talk. Another reason is that people nowadays live in alien countries which is actually far from their home. In such cases, communicate via phone would be costly to them compared to converse via text messages using a phone.

    To communicate with other people via sending text message would help them to save their precious time for their important work. In addition to this, it also helps us to save our money when we are lived in an alien country and prefer to choose this option. Moreover, text messaging is a vital option to prevent the radiation causes on our ear and backside of brain damage due to talk using a phone.

    However, talking via text would become more disastrous when you fail to convey the meaning to your fellow Pulsar moreover it looks very hard to express feelings in words.

    To conclude, having a talk via sending messages is not the only way to acknowledge feelings and expressions. Communicate via phone is also a healthy way to build relations. In my point of view, both are require as per situation demands.

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