Most People Prefer To Eat Ready To Eat Food Than Home-Made Food | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Most  people prefer  ready to eat food than home-made food now. Do you think it has more advantages or more disadvantages.

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

The number of people eating fast food has been increasing since the last decade. The health problems associated with its consumption and increased financial spending outweigh the nominal benefits provided by it.

The only benefit of ready to eat food is that it is convenient. These days in many families both the husband and the wife work and they do not have time to cook proper meals. Consequently, they opt for fast food which they can buy from a store and eat without having to spend hours for cooking. Also, fast food may taste better because of artificial flavours and additives added to them. This is what attracts children to packaged foods.

On the flip side, in spite of the minor advantages mentioned above, there are potentially dangerous drawbacks associated with fast food. One of the major issues is obesity. This is because sandwiches, burgers or pizzas contain very high amount of calories. This exceeds the daily dietary requirement of most people, and as a result they suffer from obesity and related diseases. In addition, convenience foods rarely provide adequate nutrition. Consequently, children who consume them regularly fail to develop normally. Another issue associated with the consumption of fast food is that they are expensive. They can hurt the budget of middle and low income families.

In conclusion, the trend of people eating ready to eat food is associated with more drawbacks than benefits. It is hoped that people will realise the goodness of home-made meals and go back to them.

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8 Responses

  1. Nisha Srivastava says:

    In the recent times of fast-paced lives, where people are time poor increasing numbers of people prefer food products that are prepared in advance and can be eaten as sold.
    Consuming ready-made food has its own benefits and drawbacks. I will discuss both aspects in this essay and prove how the later outweighs the former.

    First and foremost advantage of ready to eat food is convenience. When we talk about convenience, we can consider its availability, consumption and in shorter time. Nowadays, people are more busy in their professional and personal lives and do not have time for cooking at home and it is easy to buy a food which is ready to consume. For instance, working people who have to commute longer to and from working place can purchase some food on their way in order to save time.

    Secondarily, varieties of prepared food are available in the market now. People who are living away from their home can still enjoy their favourite food/s. To exemplify, people who are living in other countries and do not find some particular food items or spices easily in the host country, can still buy and carry ready-to-eat meals and consume later.

    On the other hand, foods which already cooked and preserved have many pitfalls. Consuming these meals for a longer period of time, could affect health adversely and may lead to massive expenditure due to health issues. Currently. we have the best example of health issue as obesity. Some foods viz., pizzas and burgars also contain chemicals that are never human body friendly and have consequences like developing cancers, sensors impairment, lifetime diseases and many other side effects.

    To conclude, even though pre-cooked foods have some short-term upsides but it underweighs downsides in the long-run. Eventually, people should understand goodness of home-made foods rather than looking for convenient options.

  2. Bibin George says:

    Recently we had seen a drastic change in the food habits of human being. Homemade foods are replaced by ready to eat food. This change has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this essay,I will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of this change and will give my opinion in the end.

    The first and most important advantage of take away food is that it reduced the burden of doing cooking at home. Nowadays in most of the families, both husband and wife are working and it will be a very difficult task for them to do cooking after the office hours. Takes away foods give them the opportunity to spend more time with their family. In addition to this, it gives us the opportunity to select our food from a wide variety of options. For instance, in our restaurants, we can choose our preferences from a wide variety of choice whereas at home we cannot have this lavishness.

    On the other hand, there are many disadvantages to the take away foods and out of this most concerning one is the health issues. Rapid increases in health issues such as obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure majorly attributed to this ready to eat foods. Calory content of these foods are much higher than the daily requirement and the excess calory get deposited as fat in our body. Furthermore, in most factories cooking of these food items are being carried out in poor conditions which can result in diseases such as food infection. In previous days our ancestors considered health as the most important wealth and nowadays we are deviating from this philosophy and it could have long term issues.

    The sole purpose of doing work is to make money living a happy life. It won’t serve the purpose if it prevents us from leading a healthy life.
    So we need to reorganize our priorities and should give more importance for the health of our family rather looking for convenient options.

    In nutshell, the disadvantages of take away foods overweigh its advantages. Our first priority should be the health of our family and other things such as job and convenience should be secondary.

  3. Pargat says:

    In this modern world, a reasonable proportion of people give preference to readymade food, while discarding the homemade food. However, this market food consumption has both merits, such as convenience, and demerits, like lack of nutrients, which will be discussed in this essay.

    To begin with, the first and foremost advantage of having ready to eat food is the time unit. It takes a while to cook our own food and if a working person had a hard day at work, he is less likely to go through the process of cooking, rather he will like to order some food from outside. Secondly, today android applications like Zomato and Swiggy are providing meals at very competitive prices, in other words, it is cheaper to buy eatable food from them. When we prepare food at home, we have to have a long list of ingredients required to make various dishes. So, heat and eat food has really made our life comfortable setting a benchmark in opulence and services.

    In contrast, health-conscious personalities always try to have their own cooked food. It is a long living thinking that one should consume home-made food in order to stay healthy and has been certainly proved by various researches. Once a food item is prepared and when we heat it again, its nutrition value falls almost to zero. Moreover, while preparing food in our own kitchen we can add our own flavors and change the quantity of ingredients, which is merely possible with pre-cooked food. Combining the above factors we can say that self-made food is an incomparable fuel for our health.

    In conclusion, people consider to buy ready-made food because of its comfortability while others rely on home-food for good health; even so, I opine we must try to stick to traditional food and consume pre-cooked food occasionally.

    • ielts practice says:

      This is almost seven. While you used several uncommon words in this essay, I think your choice could have been better.

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