Most People Prefer To Eat Ready To Eat Food Rather Than Homemade Food | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Most people prefer ready to eat food rather than homemade food now. Do you think it has more advantages or more disadvantages.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

The modern lifestyle and hectic schedules are encouraging more and more people to consume ready to eat food. In my opinion, it is a negative trend because readymade food lacks nutrition and its regular consumption will lead to various health problems.

Everybody is busy these days. In most families now both parents work and neither has time to cook proper meals at home. Readymade food that can be bought from stores is hugely popular with these people because it helps them save time. Also, in some cases, packaged meals are less expensive than regular homemade meals. Better still, they are available in a variety of tastes and flavours. All of these factors encourage the consumption ready to eat meals. Unfortunately, convenience is the only advantage of ready to eat meals.

Regular consumption of readymade food leads to various health problems in people. They contain high levels of preservatives and additives that can cause various diseases like cancer and kidney trouble. Also, fast food is full of calories and deficient in nutrients. If it is consumed on a regular basis, it will lead to obesity, diabetes and heart trouble. It is also addictive and makes people want to consume it again and again. Children are the worst affected by fast food consumption. During their developmental stage, they need a lot of nutrition which only home cooked meals can provide. Needless to say, kids who subsist on a diet of fast food tend to have developmental issues. They may also suffer from behavioural issues because the high sugar and energy content of junk food can make them restless and hyperactive.

To conclude, after analysing the situation, it is not hard to see that there are more disadvantages than advantages to the consumption of fast food.  Readymade food certainly makes our lives more comfortable by eliminating the need to cook. Unfortunately, it also makes us unhealthy by depriving us of essential nutrients.

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8 Responses

  1. seema says:

    It is true that nowadays, a large proportion of people prefer to eat from outside that scratch. From my point of view, it has more cons than the pros due to several reasons which I am going to discuss further in this essay.
    To embark upon, the main advantages of taking the food from outside is people have not to cook it after the swamped or tedious work. Nowadays, in most families, both parents work outside, so at the end of the day neither of them have enough potential to prepare the meals and prefer to depend on processed food.
    In spite of the advantages, the main downside of taking food from outside is hampering the health as it contains several elements which are harmful to individual’s body, several diseases like cholesterol, blood sugar, cardiac problems, etc. Secondly, regular eating of junk food can make the children addictive as well as it can cause various mental and physical problems due to the nutritional deficiency in junk foods. Furthermore, it becomes habitual to children and difficult to change their habit because “old habits die hard”. Finally, several surveys conducted throughout the world by food and drug authorities suggest that ready to food is the main cause of cancer as well as the change in the behavior of human beings.
    To conclude, taking food from outside has more disadvantages than advantages as it affects the health of the person itself. Processed or readymade food helps the person to relax by avoiding the cooking but at the same it makes your health deprived.

  2. Shreyas says:

    Now a days, because of hectic work schedules and a fast paced urban life, more and more people find it convenient to buy a pre cooked meal or ready to eat items available at a grocery store than follow an elaborate traditional cooking. Unfortunately, this trend has many disadvantages which far outweigh the advantages which this essay aims to highlight.
    First and foremost, precooked meals are laden with unhealthy preservatives and saturated fats which have long term negative effects if eaten for a prolonged period of time. It is no surprise that many youngsters are falling prey to lifetsyle related diseases like obesity and other heart related ailments. Recently, a very well known noodles’ manufacturer in India had to shut down its operations due to the fact that there was an objectionable lead content in its produce.
    Another problem that this trend of eating the ready to eat meals poses is that the local produce of fruits and vegetables of the country is often wasted which leads to an economic loss of the nation. It is a well documented fact that farmers of India are committing suicides on a very large scale as they are unable to fetch a good return for their products. This further makes the economy of the nation suffers especially for an agro based country like India.
    The only advantage of consuming the precooked meal is that it saves time in comparison to the traditional cooking methods.
    Thus from the above arguments it is evident ready to eat food has many disadvantages like deteriorating the health of consumers and spoiling the local produce of farmers, whereas the only advantage is that it saves time.

  3. Dr manjit says:

    Hi mam…during COVID i had taken ur speaking classes just for week and i got 7 band in speaking ur way of teaching is out standing

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