Most Employers Do Job Interviews Before Offering A Position To A Person | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Most employers do job interviews before offering a position to a person. Do you think this is the best way to do it, or are there better alternatives? What is the best method of choosing employees in your opinion?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The most of common and widely accepted method of hiring employees is job interviews. However, I believe that there are some better alternative methods for assessing a candidate for the job and written test is one of them. In my opinion, candidates should be evaluated based on their performance in written test as well as the interview for a job.

Employers should not select or reject a candidate on the basis of the interview, which is merely a conversation of a few minutes. It is also concluded by a survey that most of the intelligent people are introverts / tend to be introverts and may not be able to perform better in interviews because of nervousness, although their performance in jobs are commendable. Therefore, to find an efficient employee, employers should conduct written test to evaluate aptitude and reasoning abilities as well as the technical proficiency. For instance, some departments of the government of Gujarat have eradicated the interview process and now they are selecting the employees based on the written tests only. For these reasons, employers should implement written tests or such other alternatives for choosing employees.

However, in a few jobs, it is necessary to have excellent communication skills. Hence, interviews are essential to evaluate these skills and also the overall personality of a person. For example, most of the jobs involve the direct interaction with team members and clients and thus employees in those jobs need to have strong communication skills and good personality. Moreover, employers can check the authenticity of the details mentioned in candidate’s CV during interviews. Therefore, it goes without saying that interview along with a written test is the best method of hiring employees and employers should consider the performance of a candidate in both parts while selecting an employee.

In conclusion, employers should not stick to interviews alone for the hiring process. Instead, they should look for other alternatives such as comprehensive written exams. In my opinion, the hiring process which involves interviews as well as written tests is the most effective as it deals with all the essential aspects required in a perfect employee.

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  1. Farhi says:

    Recruitment is being done on the basis of interviews to offer a position to the selected candidate so that final decision can be taken. According to me, interviews of employees should be conducted and writing test as well to measure the skills which is required for the positions they have applied and both have equal superiority.

    To embark with, there are multiple reasons why company conduct interviews to hire candidates by interview. Interviewer evaluate verbal skills of the interview which tells much things about the person in just few minutes and it is a matter of fact that communication skills are necessary in all the professions. Henceforth necessary steps such as interviewing a person is a must before providing the job. Also there are other bunch of people who are not able to comprehend and not even confidence and these are the few requirements company ask for and through meeting it can be judge.

    Moreover, recruiters do not just conduct interviews but as an alternative they should arrange writing test as many individuals are not jovial and do not communicate and a result rejection is faced. So I believe they should not be rejected just because they have not had topped in the interview henceforth writing test should be taken to evaluate person’s ability and it might happen that they can able to put on paper and rock the test so company just pay much so writing task should be added in the process and can be fruitful for both.

    To conclude, I opine that a company should made a policy of recruitment and recruitment involved two process that is writing test and interview.

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