Moreover, Furthermore, In addition, On Top Of That

Here are some expressions you can use to add something to an ongoing discussion or conversations.

Moreover (very formal)

The manager has already proved that he is incapable of leading the company. Moreover, he lacks vision and commitment.

Furthermore (formal)

It is a beautiful house. Furthermore, it is in a nice location.

In addition

It is a nice laptop. In addition, it has plenty of storage.

As well as that

He took my car without asking me. As well as that he crashed it.

On top of that (informal)

He is facing a lot of financial problems. On top of that his wife has left him.

What is more

The food was absolutely delicious. What’s more, the hostess cooked it herself.


He is not a great leader. Besides, he cannot pull the crowd.

In any case

I don’t think that she will make a good secretary. In any case, she can’t type.

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