More And More Wild Animals Are On The Verge On Extinction | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

More and more wild animals are on the verge of extinction and others are on the endangered list. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to solve this problem?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

The last few years have experienced burgeoning growth in the number of animal species facing the threat of extinction.  In my opinion, this happens mainly due to hunting and changing environmental conditions. Some measures can be taken to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Firstly, man hunts animals not only for food but also for aesthetic products. Owing to the fact that some animals have commercial value, hunters exploit them. For instance, tiger skin is used widely for making mattresses and blankets, and this leads to indiscriminate killing and the extinction of this species, because people show interest in buying exquisite products. Although every animal is not for food, some cuisines include wild endangered ones. Secondly, due to human intervention in the previously unexploited areas, climate has changed which makes it difficult for some species to survive in their natural habitat. For example, Penguins are in the endangered list as global warming poses threats to their survival.

One way to protect endangered animals is to rehabilitate them in artificial environment such as zoo. Some animals may have special dietary and environmental needs which are only possible if they are treated separately.  Another possible solution is to establish breeding program so that there can be an improvement in the number of younger ones. Also, if strict action is taken against those who violate the law and poach wild life, then the extinction due to human intervention can be avoided.

To conclude, a variety of factors such as human intervention, excessive poaching and change in climate cause the extinction of wildlife. By enacting stringent ant-poaching laws we can improve the situation to a great extent. It is also important to protect endangered species in zoos and dedicated wildlife sanctuaries.

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  1. Frks says:

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    Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

    Some people do not change the company which they work for on their life.Others think that working for different companies is more useful.In my view, there are some pros and cos for both side.
    If someone work fort he same organisation, their boss can pay more money and he can gradually increases salaries because he knows that this helps workers to get motivation.As a result both company and employees have advantage.secondly, as they do not need to change work field, they can live in order.To be more specific, one who g oto the same Office do not move to different place.He can live the same city and this is more comfortable.However, they may not develop their features if they do not see different working life since all they need to do is to do the same job.Also, it is boring that they do not have any differences.

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    To conclude, the both side have benefits and drawbacks.I think people should choose their job,considering how they want to live.

  2. sina says:

    People have different views about encouraging young people to leave their families. Some people believe that young people should leave their parents at a certain age. For instance, when they want to go to the college or university, it is worth for them to live solely to be independent. However, some others think it is better to remain with their family.

    Some people think it is so beneficial for young people to leave their family at a certain age. Firstly, they believe when young people leave their family, they become independent. In fact, they become responsible in every aspect of their life, like cooking, cleaning, and paying bills. Therefore, young people have to do all the vital and necessary things just by their selves. Secondly, the young people have more freedom when they live alone. For instance, they do not have to answer anyone when they drunk and come home at midnight.

    On the other hand, some other people consider that it is better for young people to remain with their families. For one thing, if young people face some problems, they are supported by their family, but if they leave their family and live abroad, it is hard for their family to help them. For example, my brother went to the USA at age 22 for study, and he was studying computer science at the university of New York. One day when he wants to go to university from his house, he got a dreadful headache. After his classes, he went to the doctor, and the doctor realized that my brother had cancer. I remembered when my mother heard, she cried for several days. She can not do anything because my brother was so far from us, and it was not easy to get to the USA from our country. Fortunately, my brother gets better after several years, and he is still alive. For another thing, when young people live with their parents, they are much more comfortable. In fact, they do not have to concern about any things. If they want money, they can get from their father and mother, and also if they are hungry, they just have to go to a refrigerator and eat from something that their mother has already cocked.

    In conclusion, in my opinion, the benefits of leaving family and living alone eclipse the minor drawbacks it brings. Although some people encouraged young people to be independent and leave their family at a certain age, some others suggest them to stay with their family.

  3. Shruti Malhotra says:

    It is an irrefutable fact that Internet is an imperative part of people’s lives nowadays. No doubt, it has made certain advancements in the field of sharing information which has given rise to several problems that has never been witnessed before. This essay will delve deeper into severe problems regarding internet and offer solutions for the same in the impending paragraphs.
    To commence with, there are numerous issues associated with the internet that cannot be given a blind eye. First and foremost is, cyber crimes committed by the people which is quite common these days like online scams, hacking people’s identities, and many more that can cause leakage of confidential information and manipulation through money demands. For instance, it has been detected in most cases, facebook profiles have been hacked in order to demand money from the friends of the actual user of the profiles. Further, in this era where information is spread with the blink of an eye, several false content and information is being spread by word and mouth for gaslighting people which can hold political or personal motives.
    Nevertheless, several panaceas can be taken to ameliorate this problem. Prime one is, developing secure softwares and applications that can prove to be the best way of avoiding scams, hacking and leakagw of information. Not only this, there should be strict punishments for those committing cyber crimes. Moreover, individuals must be made aware of the fact that every information or content transferred over internet is not always accurate. Unless they are sure about the roots of the source, they must not spread it.
    To recapitulate, this is the era of browsing and surfing Internet for each and every field of work. However, people should be cautious regarding its use and ponder upon its consequences before spreading false information as well as work on its solutions.

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