More And More Plastic Waste Is Polluting Cities, Country Sides, And Oceans Of The World | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

More and more plastic waste is polluting cities, country sides, and oceans of the world. What problems does it cause? What are the solutions?

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Band 8 IELTS essay samples

These days, single use plastic has become an indispensable part of our day to day life. Owing to this, plastic waste has seriously polluted both land and water. In this essay, I will examine two ways it affects the world and look at some ways to counter it.

Excessive plastic waste has caused two major issues. The first is improper disposal of this waste has become detrimental for the animals and birds. These creatures swallow plastic waste thinking it as food. This leads to choking and eventually death. For example, numerous animals reportedly died after choking on plastic in the Indian Ocean. Another issue is that the plastic rubbish not disposed in an appropriate way might clog the sewage system of a city. Since plastic takes millions of years to decompose, the blocked waste must be cleared manually to avoid flooding. Therefore, plastic pollution can undoubtedly fail a well-planned drainage system of a city.

Plastic waste problems can be solved by innovative yet simple solutions. One of them is to impose a ban on single use plastic. Certainly, by banning those bags people will be forced to use reusable bags. For instance, Australian Government has banned plastic bags in supermarkets and encouraged people to use reusable bags. The other effective way to minimise this waste is to use better plastic alternatives. Materials such as glass and aluminium are recyclable and the best alternatives to plastic bottles or food containers. Consequently, the unnecessary waste created by plastic can be reduced even if it cannot be completely eliminated.

In conclusion, although plastic rubbish has become one of the acute problems in the world, it can be tackled with innovative ideas. Not only should the government take the initiative to ban plastic but people and businesses should also resort to using eco-friendly plastic substitutes.

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