More And More People In Developing Countries Are Buying Cars For The First Time | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

More and more people in developing countries are purchasing cars for the first time. What problems do this cause? What do you think are the possible solutions?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In developing countries, the number of people buying their own cars for the first time has been increasing. There are several problems such as traffic congestion and pollution associated with this development.

On the one hand, numerous problems stem from the increasing number of car owners in developing countries. First and foremost, traffic on roads is inclining. Due to the convenience of cars, more people are commuting to their office in cars. This can be evident from the jam-packed roads of metro cities during peak hours. Another major problem is inclination in air pollution. Although the frequency of public transportation remains the same, the count of the passengers in them is declining gradually as a lot of people travel / have started traveling on their own car. Now, the more the number of automobiles on roads, the more pollution they will create, by exhausting hazardous gases. Hence, increment in the number of cars explicitly deteriorates the environment.

Nevertheless, the government can effectively solve these problems by taking suitable steps. Firstly, taxes on purchasing as well as driving cars to the city centre ought to be increased to refrain people from buying them. In addition, people should be encouraged to use public transportation, by reducing the ticket prices, and they should also be motivated to ride bicycle. This strategy was also adopted by the USA in 20th century and it proved successful in reducing the number of cars on roads to a great extent. Moreover, alternative and clean sources of energy should be used for cars to reduce the amount of pollution caused by them. Solar cars are one of the best alternatives for this.

In conclusion, even though the inclination / the rise in the count of cars is causing numerous problems, I believe that the governing bodies can check these problems by increasing taxes and replacing fossil fuels)with renewable energy sources.

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