More And More Women Go Out To Work. Should The Government Provide Free Staff And Facilities To Care For Their Children

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One of the biggest challenges that working women face is finding a good support system for their children. Since they contribute to the economic development of the country, some people insist that the government should provide free or subsidized childcare facilities for the benefit of these women and their children. I agree with this view.

One of the main reasons that discourage young mothers from taking up employment is the lack of a good support system for their children. While there are so many private childcare centres in cities, they often charge exorbitant fees that poor and middle class families cannot afford. Consequently, many young mothers choose not to work. If the government provides free childcare facilities more women will be willing to work and this will have a tremendously positive impact on the economy of the nation.

The government should build such facilities in all cities and towns. It should also talk to private companies and build childcare centres on their premises for the welfare of their female employees. When there are such centres on the campus, female employees can take short occasional breaks to feed their babies. Another advantage of opening such centres is that young mothers can work without having to take frequent leaves of absence. When children fall ill, mothers often take days off from work. If they have the assurance that there are trained people to take care of their babies when they are ill, they will be able to attend office without fail. This will encourage more employers to hire them.

To conclude, I agree with the argument that the government should offer subsidies and build day care facilities for the children of working parents. Working women contribute to the development of the country and the government has a responsibility to make life less stressful for them by providing them free staff and child care facilities.

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