Modern Cultures Around The World Have Become Similar | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Modern cultures around the world have become similar as compared to the past. What are the main reasons for it? Is it a positive or negative development?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Cultural similarities which did not exist in the past are now evident across the globe. This is because of tourism and the internet revolution. In my opinion, this is a positive development as it saves people from discrimination and increases employment opportunities in many countries.

The world has become more connected due to increase in travel. This is because nowadays, many people travel a lot to different countries and get to know the different cultures around the world, whereas in the past travel was limited. Some even migrate to other countries due to their liking for foreign cultures. Furthermore, understanding different cultures has never been easier than today with the use of the internet. People try to learn different cultures through websites and tend to generate an interest in them. This, in turn, promotes cultural homogeneity.

I believe this is a positive development because cultural fusion enables people to work in foreign countries without experiencing much difficulty. When people all over the world eat the same kind of foods, wear the same kind of clothes and celebrate the same festivals, life becomes a whole lot easier. Also, this development creates more job opportunities in developing countries.  When there is a general acceptance of the foreign cultures, foreign businesses can set up offices everywhere.

To recapitulate, cultural similarities are a result of the booming travel industry and greater access to the internet. This should be seen as a positive development because it makes the world more tolerant and promotes job opportunities, especially, in developing and under developed countries.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample 2

The cultures around the world are becoming alike due to increased globalization in recent years. This trend, however, did not exist in the past. I believe that this is a negative development and this essay will discuss the possible reasons for this. 

One of the reasons for cultural homogeneity around the globe is the dominance of multinational media. Established film industries in the developed countries tend to influence the audience by showcasing their culture via daily soaps, television series, songs, music, and so on. The American media, for instance, promotes western culture in many countries, since it is widely popular and watched by most people around the globe. Another reason for this blending of cultures is the significant impact of social media. This is because famous western celebrities are followed by millions of people on social networking sites and they tend to promote the extravagant lifestyle, exotic costumes and food choices. Consequently, most individuals adopt similar cultural values.

This similarity in cultures across the globe seems to have a negative impact on cultural diversity. Every country possesses its unique culture which distinguishes it from other regions and that culture is now on the verge of extinction. If individuals continue to embrace foreign culture and traditions, they might lose their authentic cultural identity.  In earlier times, local cultural values were sustained by the inhabitants and passed on to the coming generations as there was no interference from the media and online sites. Hence, this cultural similarity can be damaging for a nation’s identity and can even lead to the extinction of unique cultures around the world.

In conclusion, the influence of western media and social websites have resulted in reduced cultural diversity and I argue that it is a negative development which has the potential to destroy some cultures in the world.

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4 Responses

  1. Suma P U says:

    Today various cultures around the world are the final product of modernisation, which means each culture is the imitation of one another. various factors brought world cultures within one global umbrella. This essay is focusing on the reasons for this cultural similarities and the enduing paragraphs will determine the positive and negative impact of this cultural change, which was the primar step in culture exchange. The advancements in technology and popularity of social networking sites are the another reason behind the adoption of western cultures. The development of tourism industry pop-up the travelling thrive up on the people, which opened the thresol

    To embark with, each society posess a unique culture, which comprises its own indigenous values. The instigation of globalisation and the emergence of global market made foreign products easily available all over the world,which was the primar step in culture exchange. The advancements in technology and popularity of networking sites are the another reason behind the adoption of western cultures. The development of tourism industry pop-up the travelling thrive up on the people, which opened the threshold of cultural learning and the imitation of various cultural uniqueness among the world nations.

    Furthermore, the cultural exchange made people get to know about each nation’s cultural celebrations, currency and regime. For instance, the declaration of christmas as international festival was part of yhe cultural exchange. On the other hand, the phenomenon of importing western life style consequently leads to the loss of traditional homogeneity in cultural values of each nation.

    To conclude, the sharing of societal values with each other is beneficial for each nation to curb the cultural uniqueness between people around the world. But contradictarily this homogeneity may lead to the loss of conventional norms and rituals.

  2. Nitu says:

    It is believed that culture signifies antiquity and legacy of past generations. In recent times, cultures across the globe resemble a plethora of homogeneity when compared to earlier days. This essay discusses the distinct causes of this fad and the brighter sides to it.

    First of all, ample opportunities available due to Globalization have encouraged people to travel or migrate to foreign countries in search of greener pastures. The significant leap in resettling outside home counties has brought in diversity and acceptance of new cultures. In addition to that, majority of the population across the earth, pursue better education for a better standard of living which in turn have paved path for broader understanding on cultures and its versatility. Plus accessibility to internet has also brought in colossal share of knowledge about cultures through e-books, online articles, videos and documentaries which also has significantly contributed to this resemblance on a great deal.

    The brighter side of this trend is that it has reduced ethic tension, violence and inspired diversity and unity. It has also enlightened the minds of people to recognize the wrong motives behind the illicit superstitious practices against women, children and other genders deeply rooted in certain cultures prevailing around the world and aided to eradicate or fight against it. On the other hand, similarities between different cultures have blind sighted the majority of the present generation wherein they perceive traditions, rituals and forms of art celebrated in a culture on a superficial level and not on a deeper level of significance.

    Suffice to say, affinity between cultures will give rise to a peaceful, healthier and happier world which is devoid of differences based on race, color, religion and gender prevailing in cultural traditions and practices.

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