Millions of People Still Go Hungry | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry. Why is this the case? What can be done about this problem?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Despite the fact that farming methods and yield improved dramatically over the last century, millions of people still do not have enough food to eat. There are social, economical and climatic reasons behind this disturbing phenomenon.

Famine or food scarcity only affects the poor. Whether they grow their food or not, the rich will ensure that they have enough on their platter. The poor, unfortunately, lack this purchasing power. If food is not made available at concessional rates, they cannot have to access to it. Most of the time poor people do not own any land. Consequently, they cannot grow their own food. They have to buy their food and when food prices increase, they cannot have their fill.

The change in climate also causes famine. Extreme drought like conditions persist in some countries. For example, in some parts of Africa it has not rained in years. Consequently, people living in those regions cannot grow their crops. They are dependent on food grown in other areas and if that is not available, then these people will have to go hungry. Political reasons also contribute to this problem. Many countries refuse to share their water resources with other countries. Often times this is caused by the enmity between these nations. Unfortunately, this practice affects the food security in those countries that do not have adequate water resources of their own.

In order to solve this problem, the governments need to ensure that food is available for the poor for free or at concessional rates. Rich countries which grow surplus food should show the magnanimity to share their excess with poor countries that do not have enough food to feed their people. International organizations can play an important role in ensuring that nations share their wealth and resources with those that need it.

To conclude, hunger continues to haunt millions of people even in the 21st century. Often times this is caused by the inequitable distribution of wealth and resources. Rich countries and rich people can do a lot to ensure that the poor also have access to a basic necessity like food.

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10 Responses

  1. DAVID OYIBO says:

    Technological advancements have brought about innovations and inventive methods in agriculture across the globe.Paradoxically, in light of these scientific progressions applied to food production, hunger and starvation is common place amongst millions of the world population in this century. This essay will discuss the social, economic and environmental reasons as well as measures to remedy this ordeal.

    Poverty is a main cause of hunger,squalor and misery. To begin, the poor in society can be found in both developing and developed nations across the world. For instance, Conflict prone European nations that have been ravaged by centuries of fighting become war torn,consequently leaving its citizen in abject poverty and extreme hunger; while Europe as a continent is widely acclaimed for prosperity, advanced philosophy and technological improvement. Even third world nations such as Sudan, equatorial guinea, and sierra lone experience indigence in huge proportions. I am of the opinion that poverty is a bane to the modern society and should not be allowed to fester any longer.
    In addition, a second reason for hunger in this modern society is adverse climate change. Unfavourable and drastic changes in the average weather condition is a phenomenon militating against vegetation, forest cover and biomass in several regions in the world today. These changes in turn will affect the nature of crops produced by farmers,so also species of native fauna will be influenced by the sudden alterations in rainfall patterns, relative humidity, and temperature. For example, North African countries like Egypt and Tunisia which used to have moderate plant cover in the past are fast becoming semi-arid regions with the increased expansion of desertification down south. Many animals have become extinct as a result of hunger caused by drought, also human life has not been spared from these deleterious effects. It is widespread knowledge that anthropogenic activities results in climate change.
    Several solutions can be offered to solve the problem of hunger. Firstly, the government of every nation bears the onus of creating level playing grounds for all members of society. It is the government’s prerogative to enact laws that will aid economic progress, provide an enabling environment for small scale farmers and execute projects to reduce poverty in local communities to the barest minimum. Furthermore, it should be collective efforts of corporate organizations to practice safe and environmentally friendly techniques in order to mitigate climate change. While concerted efforts also must be made by public-private partnership to enlighten the citizens of a country about climate change via public awareness campaign.
    To conclude, In the midst of agricultural revolution across the world, it is every government’s responsibility to ward off hunger and alleviate poverty from our country. I am of the opinion that it is every man’s responsibility to make the world a better place for generations unborn by contributing their own quota to progress.

    • ielts practice says:

      This is a good essay. It seems almost band 7 to me. You have excellent ideas. Try to write shorter sentences. That will definitely improve your score.

  2. Omneya assef says:

    Recently, agriculture has been demonstrating various advancements providing food to numerous sectors around the world. However, famine remains a substantial issue. This is due to the fact that some countries suffer from a decline in water resources. Thus, in this essay, both challenges and solutions will be discussed thoroughly.

    To begin with, water resources are considered to be the cornerstone of agriculture. Despite the cutting egde tools and devices utilized in agriculture, water is still the main ingredient. For example, Egypt’s highest crop production includes rice which consumes around 10 % of its water resources cited by BBC news. Hence, the absence of water usually causes a severe dip in a community. This is proved in South Africa where famine cases have reached around 60 % of the population reported by the New York Times newspapers.

    In order to resolve this ordeal, rich countries should reach out to poor governments. This can be achieved through different regulations as those proposed by the United Nations. For instance, the UN a “no famine” strategy in which wealthy countries are obliged to lend their needy neighbors their basic nutrients for life. This will result in enriching those societies;therefore, eradicating hunger.

    In conclusion, the world is encountering a number of colossal challenges that can be mitigated by countries cooperating with one another. This should be supervised by different communities aiming for a better world such as the UN.

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me. Strictly speaking, your grammar is satisfactory, but ideas are missing in many parts of this essay. If you can improve in that area, you will be able to get 7.

  3. Farnaz says:

    Even in this era of science and technology, despite the many breakthroughs made in the field of agriculture, food scarcity continues to be one of the most daunting issues facing the world. This essay will ponder over the causes of this phenomenon along with presenting possible solutions.
    Firstly, it is worth mentioning that graphs clearly state that the total amount of food is probably more than enough for feeding all the population on the planet. The issue though, is the imbalance of its distribution around the world. The most prevalancy of famine is in Sub-Saharan Africa and south asia, where a lot of locals are farmers. What prevents this people from filling their platters is poverty. They can not manage to feed their families properly because the price of water, pesticides and other agricultural supplies are high and government does not support them. In the meantime such matters are not an issue for farmers in developed countries, where the government subsidies and empowers the agriculture segment. The way forward to tackle this problem would be to consider “easy access to food” as an human right and make governments responsible for it, under the pressure of international organizations like UN.
    Another key factor is a lack of international concern and compassion toward this disconcerting situation. While in developed countries millions of tons of food is squandered daily and overweightness has become an issue, children’s mental and physical growth in African countries is negatively affected by malnutrition. To address this issue, international community and governments must take action and cooperate. Starting campaigns to alleviate people’s knowledge on the subject along with posing taxes on food consumerism and shipping free food from rich countries to poor areas might remedy the situation a bit.
    To sum up, main causes for hunger around the world has mostly to do with poverty rather than food scarcity. The main responsibility foe tackling this problem lies with the governments and the international community which can address the issue by empowering farmers in affected area through subsiding and making prosperous countries to put an end on consumerism ans share their excess food with those living in parts of world haunted by famine.

    • ielts practice says:

      Hi Farnaz

      Your essay seems band 7 to me.

      • sid says:

        It is undeniable that farming methods and yield improved over the last century. Despite this, it is commonly seen in different countries that many people are facing starving problem. There are some economical, social and climate reasons behind this phenomenon. However, there are some measures to tackle this issue.
        Lets begin by looking the most significant economical cause that leads toward hunger is poverty. In other words, it is noticeable that people who suffer from hunger are from developing countries where they have shortage of money to buy something to eat. For instance, Pakistan is underdeveloped country and more than 40% are living under poverty line. Consequently, they are unable to fulfil their basic necessity of life such as food.
        The change in climate also causes famine. Furthermore, water, sunshine and nourished soil are main requirement for growing crops and unfortunately some countries are deprived of it and thus not able to do farming such as Africa and Sudia Arabia. They have to depend on the food grown in other areas and if those areas faced natural climate like flooding. The people will have to go hungry. On the other hand political conditions also contribute this problem. For example, sometime government impose ban to trade with specific country if there are some conflict between them.
        Responsibility lies on Government to resolve this matter. It should ensure that adequate food is available for poor for free people at concession rate. In addition, developed countries should provide financial aids to poor countries that enable them to feed needy people of their society.
        To concluded, it is true that, now a day, numerous people suffer from hunger in spite of technological development in cultivation methods. Rich countries should ensure that developing countries people has basic necessity of life like food

  4. samane says:

    Although we have witnessed plenty of developments in agricultural approaches and tools, a noticeable proportion of people worldwide are still engaging with providing their foods. One probable reason for such a predicament would be traced back to wrong policies in food distribution among privileged and underprivileged groups, which result in squandering food resources among the former group. In contrast, the latter group is still unable to meet their basic demands, mainly food. One recommended remedy for this dilemma would be legislating the fair food distribution rules in which all community groups are equally considered. Both cause and solution will be elaborated following.

    People around the world nowadays, more than any time, are going to be divided into two classes regarding their financial status; one group is accumulating more money whereas, in contrast, the counterpart is going to be poorer. While the affluent are inclined to have a luxury lifestyle that squanders their facilities, such as their food supplies, poor people can not meet their basic demands, particularly foods. Therefore, however, many improvements have been achieved in an agricultural area, but still, most of the products produced have been distributed among rich people, not poor ones.

    One practical for this phenomenon could be implementing fair distribution of food resources among all social groups. To do this, the people who cannot afford their fundamental requirements, especially food, should be identified by each city council and on a larger scale in countries by governments. After that, regarding their population, they should be given a proportional share in whole food products. For example, if one in ten percent of the total population is suffering famine, a specific amount of the city’s overall budget should be considered for them, and they receive government aid through free or cheaper food packages. So, the necessity of existing upper control on distributing food supplies could be a promising solution.

    In conclusion, concerning the increasing gap among two privileged and underprivileged, which contribute to unfair food supplies distribution, despite pf technological advancements, allocating the proportional share for the poor people done by governments could be a panacea.

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