Men And Women Can Never Share The Same Responsibilities At Home And In Everyday Life

Men and women can never share the same responsibilities at home and in everyday life. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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According to some people men and women are suitable for different roles and can never share the responsibilities at home or in their day to day life. I completely disagree with this view.

The general belief is that men are more suitable for working outside and earning money while women stay at home cooking food and looking after children. In many households this is still the case; however, this does not mean that these roles cannot be swapped or shared. Over the years, women have proved that they can also make excellent breadwinners. Men have also demonstrated their ability to become hands-on dads. So, the argument that men and women cannot share the same responsibilities certainly does not make sense.

Also, in a single parent family, one person has to shoulder the responsibilities of both the father and the mother. That means women earn money, do household chores and look after children if her husband is not there. Men will also perform all of these jobs in the absence of a wife. While they may have other family members or servants to help them, the parent that is present in the picture is still the one who shares most of the responsibilities. Moreover, if a couple is living separately due to their job, they are bound to shoulder each other’s responsibilities. In addition to that, if they are working couple, then also they have to share responsibilities at house. The society has also approved of this change and now it is considered obligatory for working couples to share responsibilities.

In conclusion, while it is true that traditionally there were separate roles for men and women, the situation has changed and now it is quite common for men and women to perform tasks that were traditionally considered more suitable for the opposite gender. Hence, I do not agree with the argument that men and women cannot share the same responsibilities. They can and they have been doing it for a while.

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