Map Of The Industrial Town Norbiton | Task 1 IELTS Report Sample

The given maps show the industrial town Norbiton as it is today and its plans for its redevelopment.

IELTS Cambridge 17 Task 1 Essay: Map of an Industrial Area (Norbiton)

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Task 1 Academic IELTS report sample

The two maps show the current state of an industrial area and the changes that will take place there after its proposed redevelopment. Overall, it can be seen that the area will undergo tremendous changes. Norbiton is an industrial area lying between a road in the south and a river in the north. The factories are on the north side of the road and a roundabout facilitates access to them. The factories will vanish after the redevelopment and will be replaced by housing facilities, shops, a school, a medical centre and a playground. Two more roads will diverge from the roundabout in the northward and westward direction. The road going in the north direction will cut through the river and new homes will be built around it. A medical centre will come up in the south-east portion of the roundabout and new shops will come up in the southwest of the town along the roundabout. The small road going eastward from the roundabout will now end in a school. Homes will be built on either side of this road and a playground will come up beyond the homes in the northwest of the area. While some of the farmland on the north of the river will be used for building homes, the rest will remain the same.

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