Many Young People Nowadays Regard Shopping As A Hobby | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In the past, shopping was a routine domestic task. Many people nowadays regard it as a hobby. To what extent do you think this is a positive trend?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Shopping was considered as daily routine work in earlier times; however, recently it has become a leisure activity for some people. In my opinion, this trend has more negative impact on the public than positive.

It is true that these days people have busy schedules and hence they go shopping with their family to spend some time together and buy clothes and other necessary things. The advent of malls has also played a role in making shopping a pastime activity. At the malls people can find all that they need under the same roof. They can also eat food and even watch movies or play games.  In fact, shopping became so convenient in the last decade that it is now a hobby.

On the flip side / On the down side, due to availability of numerous products and increased comfort level in shopping centers, people tend to spend more money. For example, many people buy something which fascinates them even if it has no use in their lives. Because of credit availability, people do not have to pay the whole amount upfront. Unfortunately, this may land them in deep debts. In addition, youngsters spend a lot of time in shopping malls as they are influenced by the advertisements whereas, this time can be utilized wisely in sports.

To conclude, I would like to say that although shopping is essential to some extent it has many negative impacts on individuals. Hence, people should go for shopping only when  it is necessary. Shopping should not be considered as a hobby as it could lead to some undesirable circumstances.

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6 Responses

  1. Shirina Samreen says:

    Shopping was treated as a regular house-hold activity in the earlier times. In the modern times, it is no longer considered as a task to fulfill the domestic necessities but rather a hobby to spend the free time. I think this is not a positive trend as it encourages the younger generation to squander the money for unnecessary things.

    People in the past scheduled their shopping activity according to their rising needs for different commodities like groceries, clothing and electronic devices. It was never done as a pass-time activity to entertain themselves. In contrast, today’s world has started thinking that shopping can be done as a hobby. Young people go out for shopping to get rid of their boredom. Many reasons can be attributed to this behavior. Firstly, the modern times have seen a huge surge in the establishment of shopping malls. These malls have got many options for entertainment like movies and games along with shopping centers. Consequently, people who visit these places to explore the various entertainment avenues get wooed by the discounts and end up shopping. This habit seeps into the mind of the youngsters rapidly and becomes a hobby. Secondly, the younger generation has the habit of boasting about the shopping they do and owning of latest electronic gadgets, clothing and accessories has become the latest fashion. Due to this, people end up shopping frequently for the stuff which is not really needed.

    This trend of regarding shopping as a hobby is not at all positive owing to the various drawbacks. To start with, it spoils the mindset of young children and they do not value money and spend lavishly. Additionally, when the funds get exhausted and one cannot afford shopping as a hobby, the individual gets into frustration. Most importantly, people end up with minimum savings in the later years which may prove to be detrimental for their well-being.

    In conclusion, I feel that shopping should not be treated as a hobby. It has to be done carefully as per the requirements with a proper financial planning.

  2. Dhanya says:

    In the modern society, a large number of people consider shopping as a leisure activity whereas, for the past generation it is a part of their daily routine. To a large extent I disagree with the opinion as shopping become a financial burden to people.

    The old people take consider shopping as the day to day activity. By changing this behaviour to shopping as a hobby it brings many problems. Firstly, shopping brings financial problems to families. Many family leaders take their family to shopping in weekends and it become a hobby now. Lately it automatically lead them to financial problems. For example, due to the increasing cost of products and the tendency to buy more things may be it is unnecessary cannot be affordable by many families. Secondly, the too much introduction of new shopping malls that provide all kinds of entertainments to people. To illustrates more, in malls we can find movies, food, games and all such things.

    Moreover, the younger generation has the habit of boasting about the shopping they do and owning of latest electronic gadgets, clothing and accessories has become the latest fashion. Due to this, people end up shopping frequently for the stuff which is not really needed. However, the only advantage of shopping as a hobby is that of it brings relaxation to the all members of the family from their monotonous lifestyle. They can spend time with each other and enjoy time.

    To conclude, shopping is essential as a daily routine rather than a hobby. The only advantage of consider shopping as leisure is relaxation from daily life style

  3. Cauveri says:

    Since time immemorial, human beings have indulged in shopping. For some people, it is no longer confined to only buying essential products, but has turned into a mere pastime. I strongly believe that this is not a positive trend and can rather have multiple negative consequences.

    People indulge in shopping as a hobby for several reasons. Firstly, with the advent of various e-commerce websites and applications, shopping has become quite convenient. People scroll through these applications, with no careful thought about their buying needs and they buy unnecessary items based on suggestions and recommendations made by others. Secondly, social media has greatly influenced the youngsters and they are massively swayed by the advertisements available on the internet. For instance, many people have the massive urge to buy items that they do not need, but is endorsed by their beloved celebrities, even though this would, most of the times, prove to be of no use to them.

    This indulgence in quick and easy gratification, has various demerits and long-lasting impacts. Firstly, shopping just as a hobby is quite expensive. It results in extreme expenditure, resulting in low value for money as well as lowered bank balance. Secondly, it makes a person severely dependent and takes away valuable time that they could have spent on other vital activities. Furthermore, there is ample scientific evidence to bolster the unequivocal and irrefutable argument, that wide expenditure on insignificant items is a meta-problem which can exacerbate other problems, like lowered self-esteem and diminished self-worth due to extreme dependence on materialistic possessions.

    To conclude, many people indulge in shopping, and consider this as a means to pass time which can have numerous repercussions. I strongly believe that this growing trend can prove to be immensely negative in the times to come, as it can lower the self-confidence and deplete a person of both wealth and valuable time.

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