Many Working People Get Little Or No Exercise Either During The Working Day Or In Their Free Time

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It is true that many working people lead sedentary lives. They do not exercise and hence many of them have various health problems. This essay will outline the reasons that prevent working people from getting sufficient exercise and suggest a couple of solutions.

Most employees have a crazy schedule these days. For example, they have to clean the house, cook for family, run errands and do the laundry in addition to spending ten or twelve hours in the office. By the time, they reach home, they are already dead tired and lack the inclination to work out even if they manage to find a little time for themselves. Instead, they would rather relax themselves by watching TV or surfing the web. Automation has also led to a decline in physical activity among working people. Gone are the days when employees had to things by hand. Today, there are machines for almost anything. People refuse to walk even 100 meters. They ride a bike or drive a car even for running small errands. Unfortunately, this lack of physical activity has had a negative impact on employees’ health.

The only way to solve this problem is to utilize every opportunity to flex the muscles. People need to realize that their sedentary lifestyle is not doing them any good. They should grab every opportunity to do things manually. They can take stairs instead of elevators. They should park the car a few hundred meters away from office and walk to work. These are simple measures that everyone can take. At office, they can walk to a colleague’s cabin instead of using the intercom. Employers can help their employees by installing gyms in the workplace or offering them free gym memberships. This will help them to work out during office breaks and rejuvenate themselves.

To conclude, it is an undeniable fact that employees do not get enough exercise and this leads to various health problems; however, by making some small changes to their daily routine and utilizing every possible opportunity to get physically active, they can resolve this issue to a great extent.

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