Many Things That Used To Be Done In The Home By Hands Are Now Being Done By Machines | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Many things that used to be done in the home by hands are now being done by machines. Does this development bring more advantages or disadvantages?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Home appliances have significantly advanced from what they were a couple of years back. Machines that were semi automatic have now evolved into fully automatic. These gadgets are the virtual hand of many homemakers in today’s homes. In this essay, we will discuss the positive and negative aspects of these home appliances.

It is evident and true and these appliances have reduced the labour required to perform many household tasks that were earlier done with hand. Thanks to the advent of appliances like washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners, the majority of household tasks can now be done with little effort. For instance, a homemaker can wash clothes, clean dishes and vacuum the house simultaneously and can save time by multitasking. These machines enable people to save time which they can be used for something more fruitful. Besides saving time, these machines complete the task more efficiently than humans who work with hands.

A major negative aspect of these machines taking over the control of our house chores is that they are making most of the people unhealthy and lazy. Since 80% of these tasks are automated and taken care of by these appliances, we become lazy. For instance, before these machines arrived most of the tasks were done by people, and they had to get physically active while accomplishing these works. Since most of the jobs are now taken care of by these machines, homemakers sit idle and become unhealthy and lazy.

In conclusion, the advantages of using these household appliances outweigh the disadvantages because they have enabled us to perform most household tasks more easily and efficiently. Do you have an essay on this topic? Submit it below in the comments for a free band score estimate.

Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Here is another essay on this topic.

In the contemporary settings, most domestic chores that were previously done manually are performed by some automatic machines. I believe that this can bring both benefits and drawbacks in equal measures.

On the one hand, both individuals and the whole society are the beneficiaries of this trend. To be more specific, the frequent use of these machines can make citizens’ lives more pleasant and comfortable. For instance, the utilization of washing machines eliminates the need to spend time on laundry, and using microwaves helps them save time allocated to making home-cooked food. Consequently, they can spend more time in getting involved in some leisure activities such as workouts or travel. Vacuum cleaners have made it easy to clean and dust our living environments. Likewise, automobiles have eliminated the need to walk. The huge demand for these appliances has also created more job opportunities in these fields and thus benefit the economy.

On the other hand, the problems induced by this trend should not be neglected. To commence with, most of that household machinery has an expiry date, so it is not uncommon for most users to purchase new machinery and throw away old ones after the termination of the life span of them.  This will generate the obvious increment in garbage, resulting in severe solid contamination. In addition, the running of these tools relies on electricity generated by burning fossil fuels, and this process releases a huge amount of toxic gases which are the main causes of the air pollution. The use of these machines also makes people’s lives sedentary and leads to health problems.

In conclusion, the practice of using home appliances has both positive and negative aspects. While they help us save time, they also make us dependent on technology and even cause health problems.

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11 Responses

  1. JIGAR RANA says:

    There are a several items made in home by hands but people, due to the fast generation, do not have to enough time to use their own hand in doing a something instead of that thing easily do by machines. Todays’ modern era, immense technology take an enormous part in everyones’ life, therefore it makes it easy for people. Firstly, I will discuss on this development and secondly, I will give what that development has more benefits or not.

    To begin with, the machines are take a number of works done in the frequent of second. First of all, for the meals, instant machines like a oven, flat bread maker, toaster and so forth, which used by housewife and that helps for her who take a less afford in doing a meal. Moreover, some other home appliance also assit in consuming time and they spend their quality time with near and dear one. For instance, a washing machine, disk washer vaccine cleaner that things used it and which take a minimal time and rest of time spend with their children as well as other family members. Furthermore, who live in the outside as a job or education when that people have also boon for him because that machine make their work easy and doing quickly.

    On the other hand, most of the people are reliable on machines. For example, some time even if washing machine get off due to some fault, hence, people are waiting for a machine who come out and correct it rather than they are doing manually. In addition to, the home business have shut or take loss due to machines are take place it and make faster with quality.

    To sum up, I think, what products made by hand and that same items by machine, this development took more advantages outweigh to disadvantages because that stimulate things doing the best as well as consume less time.

  2. Guven says:

    Many things that used to be done in the home, are now being done by machines. Does this development bring more advantages or disadvantages.
    In recent years home appliances have advanced greatly from what they were years back. Machines that are semi automatic have evolved into fully automatic. These gadgets are handy and they are used by homemakers to help them complete most of the house chores. In these essay we are going to discuss about the positive and negative aspects of these home appliances.
    It is evident that these appliances have reduced the labour required to perform tasks that were earlier done by bare hands. Thanks to advent of appliances such as, washing machine,dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners the majority of the household tasks can be completed with little effort. For instance, a homemaker can wash dishes, do the laundry, and also clean the house simultaneously to save time by multitasking. These machines help human save time which can be used to do something more fruitful. In addition to that they help to complete the tasks more efficiently than humans.

    A major drawback of these appliances taking control over our house chores is that they are causing people to become unhealthy and lazy. Since 80% of these tasks are automated and taken care of these appliances, we become lazy. For instance, before machines were invented, most of the tasks were done by people and they had to get physically active in order to accomplish these tasks.
    In conclusion, the advantages of using these house appliances outweigh the disadvantages as they allow us to perform many tasks efficiently and easily.

  3. Sim says:

    Human invent the machine for all work dome quickly as a result the tasks complete fastly while the traditional generation do all work by hand I agree with the given statment . I will further elaborate behind the reason this will lead to a logical conclusion.
    To begin with, there are various of pros to do work by machine .first and formost reason is with the assists of machined all household work is easily done . people dont need to effort on their house work. They don’t need to waste their alot energy secondly machine are reduced the labour work and thanks to the advent of appliance like washing machines, dishwasher and vaccum cleaner

  4. Jack says:

    With the advent of home appliances, we have now become contingent on them for our daily household chores. Although these technologies are of considerable help to us, some drawbacks of theirs are easily noticeable, which I believe far outweigh their advantages.
    It is evident that those machines bring human enormous benefits. To begin with, such technological devices are highly convenient and safe to use. They are not only easy to operate but also very efficient, helping their users save a great amount of time and effort. Juice maker and rice cooker are two popular appliances we use thanks to their convenience and usefulness. A further benefit of technologies is that it helps relieve our domestic burden, especially the mothers who often take responsibility for most of the household tasks. With the assistance of machines, parents can save their precious and and care for their children better.
    On the flipside, there are some disadvantages of using machines for domestic purposes. Clearly, due to making overuse of technologies, people have become heavily dependent on them. We might be unable to do the housework without using some appliances or even cease doing so if owning automatic machines, which may lead to such health issues as obesity. In addition, those technologies are costly and require high maintenance expenses, which make them unaffordable to most people.
    To conclude, household appliances have shown their utility to humans and become an indispensable part in doing domestic chores. However, the financial requirement and possible health problems caused by overuse are two major shortcomings which overwhelm the given benefits regarding using technologies at home.

  5. Jack says:

    So informative

  6. Taha Abdul Aziz says:

    It is true that almost all of the things that are being done by machines nowadays in our homes used to be done by hand earlier. Since, technology always comes to ease peoples life, it definitely has some advantages and disadvantages.
    Machines have made life easier. Firstly, machines cater a larger audience, a person can never be compared to a machine but a machine has the ability to do repetitive tasks faster than men. When a chore can be done by machine is much convenient way, why should a person waste his time on the same thing. Secondly, when chores used to be done by hand, all the family members used to do it all day long, with machines, chores are done is much lesser time, every member have enough time to spend with each other.
    To commence with, every innovation has some pros and cons. Machines have made life so easier and independent that people tend to live alone since they don’t rely on anyone and all the tasks can be done by machine. This has lead to depression and social anxiety. The second disadvantage is that when people used to do all the work by hand, they involve each other, and work as a team which joints the family together and member care about each other. With innovation, members of a single family don’t know each other.
    To summarize, definitely, the advantages out rough the disadvantages but the disadvantages are so harsh that if not taken care of, the can collapse the whole family system.

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