Many Teenagers Now Have Their Own Smartphones | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Many teenagers now have their own Smartphones. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and give your own opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Most youngsters own smartphones nowadays. This essay will analyze both the benefits and drawbacks of this trend and establish why the associated positive effects are far superior to the negative effects.

One major advantage of these gadgets is that they provide round the clock connectivity and enhanced security. The majority of parents are so busy that they cannot keep track of their children all the time. Mobile phones provide the easiest and most convenient mode to stay well connected. Furthermore, with the advent of in-built GPS tracking systems and video call features, parents find themselves well connected to their children, no matter in which part of the world their young ones are staying or studying. Another boon is the opportunity to learn from anywhere and anyone. Not everyone has access to expensive laptops or computers but cheap phones with some good/advanced features are within the reach of even poor people. Thanks to cellphones, youngsters in far off regions are able to study online and groom themselves for better jobs.

Another instance is the recent pandemic months when the physical connectivity in world came to a halt, it was these mobiles phones that provided medium, like Zoom classes, to high school and university students to complete their course. However, one must admit that there are certain disadvantages too and the most prominent is the misuse of phones. Teenagers tend to skip their classes/homework and use these gadgets to play games or watch movies and such habits cause them much harm. Furthermore, they run the risk of getting scammed or being negatively influenced. However, these problems can be resolved if youngsters are effectively coached by their parents and encouraged to utilize technology for harnessing positive outcomes.

To summarise, smartphones have equipped teenagers with better connectivity, increased safety and an opportunity to learn from anywhere. Though there are chances of misuse these can be avoided with proper parental guidance and monitoring. In my opinion, the advantages that a smartphone provides a young child far surpass its drawbacks.

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