Many People Work Long Hours, Leaving Very Little Time For Leisure Activities | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people work long hours, leaving very little time for leisure activities. Does this situation have more advantages or more disadvantages? Give reason for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In the modern world, many people devote maximum time to work which leaves them with very limited free time. In my opinion, the disadvantages of this situation outweigh the advantages.

To begin with, spending long hours at work would give people very minimal time to run personal errands. Due to this, they cannot plan well in advance. For instance, they may miss paying a credit card bill or a utility bill on time and this can lead to a penalty.  Secondly, their relationship with family and friends can be spoiled. As they do not spend quality time with their children, the bonding between them can weaken. Finally, working for extended hours could lead to several health disorders. In one of the global health surveys, it is reported that health problems among the working population have increased. The incidences of these health problems were considerably low ten years ago when people worked fewer hours.

On the other hand, to maintain the pace of the competition, we are forced to work extensively. Money mindedness has increased among individuals. These factors are driving a majority of people to work for prolonged hours. Additionally, nowadays, jobs are not secure. This is another reason that is forcing people to voluntarily work for extra time. One of the employee satisfaction surveys revealed that working professionals are contributing 20% more than the official working hours to achieve their targets on time.

To conclude, working overtime might help people secure their jobs and earn more money. However, in the long term it will lead to health problems and reduce their productivity. Not being able to spend enough time with their spouse and children may also affect their family. Hence, in my opinion, the disadvantages of this development outweigh the advantages.

Band 8 essay sample 2

A great number of people are working for long hours, thus having barely any time for leisure interests.  In my opinion, this situation brings about more disadvantages for both the individual and the society.

Firstly, working for long duration and not having enough time for physical activities or hobbies can lead people to be victims of numerous hazardous health issues. It is of no doubt that in the pursuit of money and career goals one will definitely neglect one’s health.  For example, those whose jobs require them to sit glued to their computer screen might become obese in the long run.  In addition to that, starring at the screen for long hours can entail different types of eye diseases such as eye strain and blurry vision.  Moreover, it is an undeniable fact that one will most probably suffer from mental illnesses like stress and depression if one does not dedicate a certain amount of time for practicing leisure activities, be it indoors or outdoors.

Working overtime has a negative impact on the society as well. It is true that when people living in a neighbourhood find time to practice a common activity, ties between them are reinforced, thus leaving room for socialisation and making friends.  Therefore, having little time devoted for hobbies and interests can somehow jeorpardise one’s relationship with the society.  Sometimes, one needs to get out of one’s circle, befriend new people with whom one can share one’s happiness and sorrow.

So as maintained earlier, I believe that people must strike a balance between their professional and personal lives to avoid being victims of various health issues and to create and live in a better society.

Band 8 essay sample 3

These days many people work ridiculously long hours. Consequently, they have hardly any time for fun-filled activities. In my opinion, this development has more demerits than merits.

There are two major reasons for people to work harder. Firstly, they are rewarded for the efforts they put in relentlessly. For instance, many employees burn the midnight oil to get promoted. This helps them to take more money home. Secondly, workers believe that their contribution plays a major role in inflating the profits of the company. For example, entrepreneurs usually work round the clock for years to get ahead in the competitive markets. Consequently, they compromise on enjoying the lighter moments of life and just focus on their career growth.

Unfortunately, this can be pretty disadvantageous for two prominent reasons. In the first place, employees get burnt out with increasing job pressure. According to a Harvard study, about 10% of overworked employees die due to health complications arising from excessive stress at work. Working overtime also affects the productivity of employers. Overworked employers, for example, are more likely to make mistakes which can prove costly. They are also able to produce less despite spending more time at work. Another downside of this development is the collapse of families. When people cannot dedicate enough time for their family, it will affect their bonding. This leads to higher levels of stress and a sense of dissatisfaction. By contrast, if people find enough time for their family and various leisure activities, they will be able to rejuvenate themselves and get back to work feeling refreshed the next morning.

To conclude, working overtime might help people earn more in the short term; however, in the long term it will destroy their health and family life. Hence, in my opinion, the disadvantages of this development outweigh the advantages.

Band 8 essay sample 4

Nowadays, employees have to work really hard to retain their jobs. To earn enough, the majority of people are working overtime and this leaves them with no time for relaxation.  While working long hours may be essential for career growth, it can also lead to several health complications. Hence, in my opinion, this development has more downsides than merits.

Working overtime might help people earn raises and promotions more easily. This is because employees spend long hours at the workplace are considered more loyal by their employers. Hence, they are more likely to be considered for promotions. They are also less likely to lose their job in the event of downsizing. So, obviously, there are some benefits to putting in more hours.

On the other hand, when people spend an inordinate amount of time at the workplace, they will have no time for their family or leisure activities. Unfortunately, this creates problems in their personal life and hurts their mental health. Everybody needs some time for themselves. If they are always working, they cannot get that ‘me time’. In the long run, it leads to burn out and they will develop various physical and mental health problems. Studies have shown that stress is one of the biggest factors contributing to health problems and finding time for fun and leisure is essential to beat stress.

In my opinion, the disadvantages of working overtime outweigh the advantages. Of course, there is no harm in working long hours every now and then but if this becomes a habit, it will have serious implications for mental and physical health.

Band 8 essay sample 5

It is argued that nowadays a major section of the society is engaged in their work for a longer period of time and spare considerably less time for recreational activities. This phenomenon has more demerits than merits. While it might improve a person’s financial status, it also hurts their mental and physical health and family life.  

To begin with the positive side, working for long hours will definitely increase earnings. In other words, if people devote much of their time to their job/work, they will earn hefty salaries. As a result, this will increase their financial stability and make luxurious lifestyles affordable to them. To illustrate, as people are becoming more work oriented these days, their living standards are also improving when compared to past.

On the other hand, these extended periods of time at work places and limited free time have detrimental effect on their health. In other words, the workaholic individuals tend to suffer from mental and physical issues like anxiety, depression, high blood sugar levels and obesity due to stress and lack of refreshment. For example, the data published by WHO stated that around sixty percent of the working professionals in India suffer from myriads of health problems due to the stress of long working hours. Furthermore, this trend adversely affects the social life of individuals. Since people lack free time due to work, they may be unable to provide quality time to the family and friends. Hence, this leads to social detachment, makes their life monotonous and affects overall wellbeing and happiness.

To conclude, though the trend of working long hours enhances the economic / financial stability, the deleterious consequences on health and social wellbeing overrides the positive outcomes.  

Band 8 essay sample 6

It is observed that many working professionals cannot spend enough time on their hobbies or interest areas due to long work hours. This situation has more disadvantages because not being able to spend time in fun activities will reduce their overall work productivity and make life monotonous.

There are certainly a hours at the workplace are less likely to be sacked. They are also more likely to be considered for raises and promotions. Thus, working long hours certainly improves a person’s financial situation and job security.

On the other hand, one major drawback of long working hours is that it makes people less efficient / productive at work. There is a feeling of burnout within these professionals, which does not help them generate new ideas to better manage their work. Science states that stress levels are too high when people work long hours and it prevents their mind from operating at its best level. For example, a recent survey in the UK revealed that employees who were working beyond 9 hours per day were less innovative and had increased stress levels, which resulted in poor performance at work. The other negative side is that the life becomes monotonous as people do not engage is other activity. The day starts and ends with work and makes life mechanical and boring. In many cases people find themselves lost and clueless as to where they are heading. To illustrate, last year because of extra workload I had to stay in office for 14 to 16 hours, there was no engagement in any fun activities beyond work, which made my life boring and stagnant.

In conclusion, due to long work hours people fail to engage in fun activities and this leads to multiple negative effects like reduced productivity at work and a mechanical life with stress and confusion.

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6 Responses

  1. Sreelakshmi says:

    An overwhelming number of people work for long hours which leaves them very few time for recreational activities. In my opinion, this has lots of drawbacks when compared to any minor benefits it might bring.
    Admittedly, if people work for long hours, it helps in their career progression as well as job prospects. In other words, since we have fierce competition in the job market, hardworking is inevitable for one to rise through ranks. Another point to consider is that working hard aids in the acquisition of desired skill which is required for a person to prove themselves to be an asset to the company. Therefore, people are offered not only incentives such as travel allowance but also fringe benefits like housing allowance and free medical insurance.
    Despite of the advantages mentioned above, I believe that instead of allocating some time for leisure activities if a person works for prolonged time, it brings lots of negative impacts. Firstly, constant work can result in burnout and affect our mental wellbeing. It is undeniable that people need to unwind from stress to become more productive. Secondly, people can turn their hobbies into useful skills. For instance, some interests such as photography or art offer a creative outlet. Finally, working hard will affect a person’s work/life balance and, therefore, blur the boundaries between personal and professional life. People would find it difficult to wind down at home as they work so hard.
    In conclusion, owing to the fact that recreational activities as well as free time are of paramount importance in a person’s life, negative impacts of people working hard for long time far outweighs any of the benefits it might bring.

  2. Shanu Nair says:

    Hi Manjusha, just a quick query. If questions ask that if it has more advantages or more disadvantages, so don’t we discuss both of the criteria in each task and then give our opinion in conclusion. As you had already mentioned in your introduction that it has more disadvantages and then you’ve only mentioned disadvantages in your task 1 and task 2. So can you please clarify if we need to mention both of the criteria or we can write only one side in both task by mentioning in introduction.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      If the question asks whether there are more advantages than disadvantages, you should discuss both and then prove that advantages outweigh disadvantages or vice-versa. These are moderately edited versions of essays submitted by students. They are not perfect. For practice, please use the band 9 samples on the blog.

  3. Farahnaz faraji says:

    Nowadays majority of people are working extended hours so that they miss out time for recreational activities. It may have some benefits but certainly the disadvantages of working a lot outweigh its advantages.
    Some people tend to work for long hours with this concept that spending time for having fun is not necessary. One can think the more you work, the more you are paid and the better quality of life you’ll have. Some other possible advantages of working a lot is for the employers, it would be more economical to have an employee who works extended hours rather than employing 2 people.
    The disadvantages of working a lot and not considering time for having fun is much more. When workers work for a long time it can have some consequences. First of all working a lot can make the workers exhausted in the long run and as a result the quality of the service they’re giving would diminish. Secondly, not having time for fun activities workers may face difficulties and problems in their personal life as they cannot spend time with their beloved ones and may also face depression as they don’t enjoy their time.
    In conclusion, being involved with working for a long time and considering time for your recreational activities will surely have more disadvantages in the long run.

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