Many People Work Long Hours, Leaving Very Little Time For Leisure Activities | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people work long hours, leaving very little time for leisure activities. Does this situation have more advantages or more disadvantages?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The majority of the population / most people around the world are busier than ever putting in long hours at work and spending little time with their families and also missing out on their hobbies. This trend has more drawbacks than benefits because it might affect them mentally and lead to health problems.

In the first place, when we put in / spend long hours at work it will exhaust us both physically and mentally. In addition, it builds pressure / stress which might affect us in the long run. In reality, the human brain can work at its optimal level for only a few hours at a stretch. If we work beyond that our productivity and wellness will be affected. To demonstrate, many people who work in the software industry do not have a fixed time on their schedule and it prevents them from having a leisure activity like going for a walk or playing a sport. According to a survey people who do this kind of desk jobs are at potential risk for obesity, diabetes, and heart related issues.

Not having enough time for leisure and family can also lead to conflicts within the family. People should be able to strike a work-life balance; spending the whole day at work will affect their relationship with their spouse and children. Burnout is another problem. When people work without a break, they lose the motivation to continue. Of course, there might be some minor advantages like earning overtime pay; however, this advantage is easily eclipsed by the major disadvantages of working without having time for leisure.

In conclusion, long working hours not only hurt our productivity but also make us prone to developing various ailments. Hence, I believe that there are more disadvantages than advantages to this practice.

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