Many People Who Had A Big Impact On The World Gave Themselves To Their Work | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

It has been noted that many people who had a big impact on the world gave themselves completely to their work and did not bother with the idea of “work-life balance”. To what extent should people try to have a good work-life balance? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Many successful legends like Steve Jobs, Ramanujan, and Vir Savarkar devoted their entire life to achieve their only goal. This does not mean that everyone should follow their path and ignore family completely. I strongly feel that everyone should maintain an optimum level of work-life balance in order to become successful in the field of career and family.

Firstly, many people do not spend enough time with their family and as a consequence, family members feel insignificant and it usually affects their personal life.  To avoid such issues, an individual should balance their office and home perfectly. For instance, world leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose, Mandela, and Stalin had only one goal in their life and there was no room for personal life; however, this could not be the same for every individual. Everyone in the world is different in nature and their priorities too differ; so it does not make any sense to follow the exact same path of these genius people.

Furthermore, corporate life is becoming more hectic day by day and to survive in this battleground we should be mentally as well as psychologically strong; to achieve that we should spend quality time with our family. Many people suffer from health related problems like hyper-tension, blood pressure, and diabetes due to the current lifestyle. For example, according to the recent survey of World Health Organization, more than 40 percent employees are prone to develop brain and heart related diseases. Thus, to overcome such problems we should avoid imbalance between work and life.

In conclusion, in order to create great bond with family members and to avoid illness caused by today’s lifestyle, I believe that under no circumstances should we lose work-life balance.

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2 Responses

  1. Dr kaur says:

    It has been assumed that the steering wheel of life, balanced by equilising forces from the nature godess . A section of society believes upon complete devotion towards work and neglecting the notion of work -life balance . I am completely having a contrary view , which shall further be elaborated .
    To commence with considering the relevance of having a good work – life balance, the first and the foremost things which can be attained are internal peace and satisfaction . It not only helps in maintaining a balanced life cycle but also good for mental and physical health. For instance , it has been proved in a study upon a key industrialist named Mr. Ratan Tata that equal interests in social life , religious life and economic know-how helps in attaining mental satisfaction . So , that a person can live a quality life .
    Moretellingly , even if at a certain phase of life if a businessman has to undergo recession in business , a balance in work and life will prove to be a bliss at that time , that can work as a remedy in certain dreadful conditions like anxiety , depression , schizophrenia and much more . As this can be seen in treatment protocol of psychiatrists and yogic remedies whose emphasis is directly focused upon awful thoughts deviation , that can only be happened by maintaining a healthy work and life balnce . For eample , if there was a healthy work -life balance in eminent actor Sushant singh’s life , he shall not commit suicide due to severe depression .
    Flip side , however , reckon the potential importance of work deviation . Although , these persons are moon among lesser stars, due to their gradual work force efforts richness and fame are at their doorsteps . By taking consideration of India’s richest person called Mr. Mukesh Ambani , this notion can easily be proved .
    In the nutshell , this essay argued the relevance of work -life balance on one hand and how imbalance in it put physical , social and mental ailments among demos.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      This seems band 6 to me. You have to change this style of writing. Read sample essays to learn about appropriate tone and language for essays.

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