Many People Use Distance Learning Program To Study At Home But Some People Think That It Cannot Bring The Benefit As Much As Attending College | Band 9 IELTS Sample

Many people use distance learning program to study at home but some people think that it cannot bring the benefit as much as attending college or university. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, online education is offered by some universities. Although distance learning is advantageous for people who are living in remote areas and those who are working fulltime, some people are skeptical about its benefits and claim that campus learning is better. I also agree with this view. In my opinion, campus learning is far better than online learning.

There are multiple merits to attending university classes. First of all, campuses and classes give a proper environment conducive to learning. Attending the classes and interacting with a group of students who wants to master the same subject creates the right atmosphere which prepares the students to study. In addition, students can discuss topics with one another as well as with tutors. Thus, the insights would be more beneficial. Secondly, in a classroom, a teacher can give their hundred percent attention to the children. Indeed, students can ask queries to the teacher directly when they have difficulty mastering a concept. It is also possible for the teacher to infer whether the students have learned the concepts from their facial expressions. This is not possible in online learning where a computer program will merely lecture and move to the next lessons regardless of whether the student has learned the previous lessons or not. Needless to say, studies have shown that students who attend a campus program are more knowledgeable than those who take an online course.

Of course, online courses are beneficial for students who cannot attend a fulltime campus program. They are cheaper too. Even so, they have some inherent disadvantages which make them less valuable than campus programs. In online learning, a student cannot benefit from the guidance of a mentor. Actually, only those students who have so much dedication to their studies can benefit from online programs. Another disadvantage of online courses is that only theory based subjects can be learned online. If the program requires practical sessions, campus learning is the only option because campuses alone have laboratories where students can perform the experiments.

To conclude, I fully agree with the argument that regular on-campus courses are better than online courses because the atmosphere at the campus is conducive to learning and interactions on the campus equip students with invaluable interpersonal skills.

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