Many People Try To Look Younger Than Their Age | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people try to look younger than their real age. What are the reasons people do this? Is this a good or bad thing?

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It is undeniable that a lot of people try to hide their real age and attempt to look younger. In fact many people dislike the question about their age and find it embarrassing. Personally, I think this is because aging has been associated with many diseases and illnesses, whereas looking young always reflects beauty and good health. However, this obsession with looking young has many negative effects on individuals and societies.

To begin with, the need to defeat aging is not a new trend as people throughout the history were always fascinated by the strength and the charm of young people. For example, many ancient civilizations claimed that they had found the secret of eternal youth. This phenomenon has never changed in the modern age. Inspired by the media and celebrities who always ensure that they never get old people are now more concerned about their age and ready to do anything to keep their young looks. Thus youngsters’ need to look good is related to the influence of popular culture and media.

Unfortunately, this is not a positive thing for several reasons. Firstly, many individuals are being obsessed with their age to such an extent that they splurge on cosmetics products and surgeries. This in turn has devastating impacts on their general health. For instance, studies have shown a strong link between breast cancer and breast enlargement surgery. Secondly, many people, who try to look younger, act like youngsters as well, with all its recklessness and issues ignoring the wisdom that is supposed to come with aging. Therefore, the attempt to defy aging is harmful to both individuals and communities.

To conclude, the obsession with looking young is fuelled by many factors including peer pressure and media influence. Unfortunately, this is a negative trend and hence it should be discouraged. People need to realize that there is no harm in getting old and rather than trying to look young, they should learn to appreciate the wisdom and maturity that come with aging.

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6 Responses

  1. Harjit says:

    No one can deny the fact that beauty always remain the center of attraction and people inclined towards beauty. For this, most of the people try to hide their real age just to look younger. I tend to believe that there is nothing wrong in this inclination and in this essay, I will explicate the reasons why i think so.
    First of all, there are few solid reasons why people want to maintain youthful appearance . The topmost reason is that everyone wants to get appreciation and compliments and by looking younger, they get positive views from others that satisfy their inner desire. Secondly, youthful look is the crucial demand of many professional jobs. Such as, customer service representative. For this, employers gives priority to appearance first than other qualities because appearance attracts. If you are looking beautiful, younger and active then you can be successful in getting jobs earlier than others and can be stable on position. Thirdly, in regard to celebrities viewers do not want to see their hero and heroines getting older , So, these people use various skin care products, control eating habits, join gym and get the help of surgeries to control their growing age.
    This trend has many benefits. The biggest benefit is that people remain positive and motivated and it is scientifically proven that they live longer than others. In addition to it, They remain more happy and confident in life and face less physical problems . Their chances of getting jobs are higher than others. However, there are few drawbacks as well. Excessive use of chemicals can put adverse effects on health and sometimes treatments are very expensive and by doing so they play with nature.
    In the conclusion, there is no doubt that people like to remain younger than their age . This trend has more pros than cons .

  2. seema says:

    It is true that nowadays a major portion of people try to look younger than their original age. There are several reasons such as the affinity towards the visual media, to grab attraction from others etc. This type of change is harmful not only for the society and individual but also for the younger generation.
    To embark upon, in this fast- moving era people like to be in young age mainly, because of the substantial increase of beauty products in the market as it influences the citizen through adverts especially in visual media. For example, several branded creams are available in the market for revitalizing the skin who claims that these products can make the individual younger with glossy skin. Secondly, to grab the attention of public or to be in limelight, individuals put their best to change their features.
    These type of above changes can make our culture worse, on the society as the adult people are not behaving like matures and they take the things carelessly to act like youngsters which can cause significant problems. Secondly, in the individual the drawbacks are mainly the severe side effects of the product as well as the discomfort of the body when many of them are doing surgeries on different parts of the body to keep it in good shape. Furthermore, the adverse reaction is beyond the thoughts ,for example, cancer is one among them. Moreover, the younger generation is also following this which can ruin their life itself.
    To sum up,each pace of the life have its own beauty, if people try to move against the lfe cycle can cause several problems not only to the individual but also to society.

  3. sumit says:

    There has been a good competition shown by middle aged people to youngsters in terms of looks.Which of course is an amazing sign depicting people are becoming more cautious about their appearance and looks. Looking good at work and to develop a self confidence are some of the predominant factors elevating the surge to look good.But it is also vital to consider the correct and unharmful methods to look beautiful or handsome.

    It is an absolute delight to look attractive and way less than your age,majorly people want to show case their appearance at work,this generate healthy competition amongst peer to look good and inherently disseminate the norm to stay healthy.Being ostentatious in looks also generates great deal of confidence which is crucial to make decisions.One of the profound reason for people to emphasize younger looks and being healthy is surge in expense of medical facilities, as a result they tend to spend more time doing an exercise so that they remain young , fit and it will help them in keeping at bay from unaffordable hospital expenditure.This is particularly applicable to middle class people.

    There is no doubt that looking good is a magnificent feeling and often is an utmost human desire, however one must pay a diligent attention by what means we attained a wonderful appearance.For instance if looks have been acquired regular exercise or following a healthy diet regime and to some extent maintaining a work life balance then the results are ostentatious and long lasting.But if unnatural means like silicon implantation and excessive use of cosmetics are used then it can have a significantly adverse affect on body and skin.Over exposure of cosmetic diminishes the skin layer makes us more vulnerable to catch skin disease and is a prevalent reason for horrific disease like cancer , because skin get exposed to ultra violate rays which are exceptionally harmful.

    In conclusion, its awesome to look good and young.Be it for work or to enhance the self esteem.But its equally imperative to choose the means by which we can look good.

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