Many People These Days Change Career Throughout Their Working Life | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people these days change career throughout their working life. What are the main reasons for it? Is it a positive or negative development for them personally and for the society as a whole?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Switching jobs has become more frequent in modern days than in the past because people become dissatisfied and bored with the current job within a few years. Even though there are both benefits and drawbacks to this phenomenon, this essay states that it has more of a positive impact on the individual and the society.

Currently people have various job opportunities and they often look for new careers as most of them are unhappy with the present position after staying in the same job for several years. Therefore, people get bored of their routine and believe they can perform better if they switch jobs. To illustrate, a recent research carried out by the Labor Department of United States sated that 80% of working citizens are not satisfied with their job and an average person changes his/her career every five years. The change in the career pathway will always benefit the individual and the society too. The change in jobs exposes people to various experiences, new technologies and different working cultures and thus they gain a wide range of knowledge and experience.

As a result, they become more motivated and energized to accept new responsibilities at work and finally it is an advantage for their personal development. Furthermore, this trend will merit the society in the long run because when a society consists of an energetic and satisfied work-force which has a better work-life balance, eventually the country will develop not only economically but also socially. For example, in a survey carried out among the employed population who had a recent change in occupation, 60% of them stated that they were happy with the new placement.

To recapitulate, the trend of changing career / changing jobs is more popular in the present because many people are not content and get bored with the current job after performing the same responsibilities for some years and this phenomenon will positively benefit both the person and the society too.

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  1. Krina says:


  2. Kuljit kaur says:

    Nowadays , large section of people shift from one occupation to nother during their lifespan. Not only to earn surplus cash but also to make their dreams true pupil do so. Certainly this phenomenon has a brighter side for both individual or community .My subsequent crumb writing will explain my viewpoints for main cause along with positive side of this trend.
    To embark on , each individual required adequate money for better life of whole family. Owing to cut throat competition in each profession every person has to prove better than each other. But , it is difficult for everyone. So , when anyone get chance of better positionion with high salary package he or she immediately grab this opportunity. For survival people do one job or after having enough experience as well as qualification they easily switch their job. For instance, it is common some person work as room service or receptionist in hotel but when they finish their academic degrees they find post pf manager or high position with high rate of salaries. Besides this , few personalities make their early age passion or hobby as career in their mid of life when they have enough funds to bear risks of loss.
    Undoubtedly, this set of minds of persons lead towards positive development . As a result of this approach person can earn enough money to fulfill basic amenities of his family. People does not need to fix with one job for whole life. To exampify , my cousin brother who started his career as clerk in high school now serving as English teacher in senior secandory school after taking master degree in particular subject only within six years. Therefore, this is not only progress of individual but it also boost economy of nation. This lead towards better society everyone is working for progress.
    To conclude admittdly transformation of professions from one to another by majority of people is either due to earn more profit or to make their dreams true. Whatever the reasons are this craze upgrade the living standards pf families which collectively form societies. More productive human powers are always wealth of societies andd nation for better progress.

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