Many People Say That Now Is The Best Time In History To Be Living | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people say that now is the best time in the history to be living. What is your opinion about this? What other time in history would be interesting to live in?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is argued that the present time is the most suitable time in history to be living in. I completely agree with this statement because people living today have the most effortless lifestyle compared to any previous generation. They also live longer. However, if I have to choose any particular historical time to live in, I would prefer the ancient Roman era.

There are ample reasons to justify that the time now is far better than any other previous time to live in. To commence with, breakthrough scientific inventions and advancements in technology have introduced various modern machineries which reduced human efforts considerably. Latest smartphones, AI driven virtual assistant like Alexa are examples of it. Moreover, research in medical science has advanced a lot and because of it , many diseases which were previously considered life threatening , can be cured now. Vaccinations against measles and rubella are examples of medical advancement in recent years. Other than this, many social restrictions were imposed on women in the previous era whereas in today’s time, women have equal rights and freedom as men.

Although the current time provides numerous benefits in terms of modern technology, medical facilities and life style, the ancient Roman Era cannot be undervalued. Romans gave morality far more credit/ importance than materialistic achievements. People were loyal to each other without having hidden selfish intentions. That is why if I am a given chance, I would prefer to live in this era.

To conclude, Roman Era would be my preference should I have to choose from any historical time, yet I firmly believe that because of the economic and social growth the present time is the best time to live in.

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